August 5, 2010

My July Moments...

I am partial to some dates, some days and some months. Today I pick the month--July, August, November, December feature on my favourite months list. Why? I really can't explain. My birthday falls in JULY, I got married in NOVEMBER, my parents have their wedding anniversary in AUGUST..are these good enough reasons or do they make me a self-obsessed woman! AUGUST--I so like the sound of it, a feel or pride, a touch of sophistication, a royal ring to it. Now does that make me a pseudo-socialite who loves to flaunt, feature and bitch!
DECEMBER--Blame it on Jesus Christ, Santa Claus and the snow. Christmas, for me, is always what books have made it to be: snowing times, christmas trees dressed in bells and stars, Uncle Santa who comes with his goody bag, pretty cakes, delicious feast, carols and a lot of happiness and merry making. Confession: None of my Christmas memories are even remotely close to this fairy-tale white Christmas.
A lot of my favouritism, I think, can be blamed on my 'love for the rains'. July, August, November are all rainy days. Cloudy mornings, grey evenings that come alive with sparks of lightning and thuds of thunder. Not the best of things if you have a new born at home, who's out to win the 'Who pees the most' contest!?! Laundry is a horror during these times, shopping isn't exactly all-fun either, and the traffic barely moves...but everything else is oh-so-gorgeous. The plants look greener than ever, are topped with droplets of rainwater, the air smells fresher and happier, the roads look cleaner, the dogs, cats, birds all are at their laziest (the pigeons find shelter on our window sill, which my little one so loves, while the cats and dogs curl up in the car porch or under the sofas or some other cosy corner).

The rains have swept me away from the shores of my thoughts. This blog wasn’t meant to be about my picks from the 12. It has been a long break from blogging (excepting the one tiny make-my-presence-felt blog). This one was to be about the month of July, its happenings and what kept me too busy to blog. July--being the month that welcomed me into this world--definitely makes me Smile. Lately though, the smile has become a bit low-voltage coz it also meant that I was now entering the 30s-club. That year has passed and now am happily 31 and enjoying it.

Now when I try to recount the just-passed July, I am a little blank. I am certain there were a few exciting things.
Had a wedding (where people were more obsessed about my weight gain than the wedding itself)--Not Exciting.
Finally finished my driving classes--Exciting. But sold our car--Not Exciting.
Missed a family function--Not Exciting. Instead did a weekend Mumbai trip, a fun time with friends, lots of kids, cakes, booze and some airport drama--Very Very Exciting.
Birthday morning! Woke up to mom's birthday wish (love you, amma) followed by lovely lovely friends who called/messaged/Facebook-ed birthday wishes--Wonderfully Exciting. Partner forgot my birthday--Not Exciting. First birthday where I got no gifts or surprises--Awfully Non-Exciting (and am still crying over it).My loving dad took me out for dinner, the only special part of the day. Nothing too fancy but good food and a play area for the little one--Exciting End.

Cousins came over. Had a Tequila night--Very Exciting.
Dinner at neighbour's place. Awesome food, good drinks, delicious biriyani and some fun times--Enjoyably Exciting.

This is all I can recall for now. 31 days and according to my statistics more Exciting than Non-Exciting moments. Good!
Oh, No! How could I forget that special Saturday. TATTOO Saturday. Finally, after a wait for almost 10 years, I find the courage and opportunity to live my desire. Now I have a pretty black butterfly (with shades of red) sitting pretty on my left arm. I am kicked about it, my mom found it cool (though she wished it had more colours), dad smiled at it, partner acted like he didn't notice it, and my son loves it... he's just a little scared to touch it coz he thinks its gonna fly away like the many butterflies he's seen so far!
This has got to be the defining moment of July 2010. My Tattoo--my birthday gift to myself.