June 10, 2011

Surprises from dusty corners....smell good

The week, so far, has been lived in the midst of dusty rooms, piles of junk, smelly clothes, heaps and heaps of things sorted into wanted, unwanted, may-be wanted, not-sure if its wanted, etc lists. And then there is a pile that is still being argued over (by partner and me) on which category to be put in. Packing and shifting is no easy task, and not fun either! Of course there is that sudden joy when you discover that 'I-am-sure-I-have-lost-it' item from a torn cover in some corner of your cupboard. And the big smile that flashes when you find an old college-days album or an old card from a special someone. Then the gold treasures you discover: that pair of ear-ring or chain you believed you had lost, for which you have suffered your mom's shouts and screams.
Now those were the feel-happy finds! It isn't as exciting to find that pair of your favourite old jeans, which was tucked away b'coz your waist no longer feels comfortable in there. It screams for a bigger, wider space. All those lovely pictures from great trips that you did during your 'when-I-was-single' days or 'still-honeymooning' days. Finding bank account statements while the account was happier and heavier. Then there was this little box which evoked a happy-sad feeling. Out from it came little love notes, cards with sweet somethings scribbled and smileys drawn all over, little slips of paper with the most romantic wordings...all  memories of a past--loved and lost.
By the end of it all, I was glad for the days of packing and unpacking. Thanks for the little forgotten surprises it threw up, the wonderful memories it brought back, the little snapshots of a life well-lived and enjoyed. In the midst of dusty, messy rooms, with cartons and boxes of memories....

May 29, 2011

A bit an actor...a bit of an act!

I think I've been taking my 'Flavours of Life' title a little too literally. My mind seems to be too focused on the flavours. From ice-creams to tandoori chicken to continental cuisine, my blog has had a flavorsome journey. The real intention though was to learn to appreciate life's many flavours: the sweet times, the bitter experiences, the sour days or the bitter-sweet moments topped with scoops of laughter or a dash of tear or a pinch of guilt!
Many times you are in a situation where you see yourself shuffling between the many flavours rather too quickly. One moment your face lights up and your lips part to a wide grin at seeing someone wonderful, a chit-chat with them leave you in splits of laughter, and in a flash the glow turns to a frown at the thought or mention of someone who's not exactly in your list of favourite people (for reasons best known to you and maybe them too). Running into such people can be difficult and embarrassing too. The teeth are flashed, but you aren't exactly smiling, the head shakes suggesting a 'I saw you' but it isn't exactly a greeting. The mind runs into a series of past events between the two of you--all of this in less than 10 seconds.

As kids we are taught to be truthful and honest, but guess that's restricted to ONLY what you say. The expression, the looks can be faked to save the situation. Why else would you get the 'Be polite, be pleasant, just come and say hello even if you hate them' instructions! I am a total loser at doing the 'I-will-not-give-you-a-peek-into-what's-in-my-mind' act. If I think it, I show it (most often). It isn't the best thing to do, isn't the easiest thing to do and at times not the smartest thing to do either. From the Miss Fresher contest in college to a break-up date to client meeting to discussions with friends....my face has deceived me. It just bares my mind, giving me no scope to pretend otherwise and get away with it.
It's good to have a bit of an actor in each of us. I miss the 'other, fake me'. Makes life easier, happier...at times.