May 23, 2009

In the rains...I dream

It's been raining for the past few days. Wonderfully pleasant morns....with the clouds casting an inviting shadow on the sky..and slowly te drizzles start and before yhou know it, the rains pour down heavy and hard. What a beauty to watch the waters on the glass panes.. (of course not so great when it seeps through into the balconies). I've always loved the rain..shared an intimated relationship with it. 
As cliched or dramatic as it may sound... the fact is, rain has had a strong presence in every important point of my life-- be it the highs or lows. When I fell in love the rains joined me...when I parted ways with my love the rain washed my tears away. When I was out enjoying with friends, the rains added to our fun... when I was working, the rains gave me an excuse to reach office late... when I told my parents that I wish to spend my life with myself, the rains were there to support me... and then again when I had to give in to pressure and disobey my heart, the rain was there again to comfort me and cool my soul... And then again, when I faltered (though I still believe it was the right thing at that moment), the rains came again to help me cope with my loss... And now again when I want to follow my heart, the rains are here to entice me and give me company..... But it takes but a moment for the sun to smile on and wipe the clouds away...and along with it take those drops of joy which has had such a strong presence in my life. 
Rain...rain...don't go away
I have a lot to say...
Rain...rain...bring the wind along
My heart's waiting to sing along...

May 22, 2009

Kool klan

Am surprising myself with this sudden renewal of blogging (I had failed, yet again, to be loyal to my regular blogger promise). But at times, you're bothered or excited by something or some person and you just have have have to share your feelings. With just a maid and my 8-month old son around....and a husband who (like one of my friend's recently said) prefers to tune out his ears when I talk about new friends, happenings, outings, etc.... I seek refuge here in my ever-faithful blog. Even if I don't care about it for a year, it won't make a sour face or give a study class on the do's and dont's.
To what actually thrilled me. Our friend's family has a annual get together function- a weeklong affair-aptly titled "Kool Klan" This is known to be non-stop fun and nonsense...loads of booze and good food. This time we were invited for what they called as the Kroscar Nite. The men turn women and vice versa. It was maddening and their spirit--both young and old--is commendable. At this time and age, when all are busy with their work, their friends, and have no time for family...this is one family that's hatke. The entire jing-bang comes from across the globe (well, almost) and this one week is a celebration of their relationship. 
It just got me wondering. I am a single child, my husband has one sister. We, at least, had cousins and extended family for some togetherness effect. But my son...will they ever experience this feeling of fun with family. Hope he at least finds good company to share his fun and excitement and woes with... 

May 21, 2009

No more toothless grins...

Everything that ur little one does brings out a "wow" expression from you. His first smile, his first attempts at turning over, his claps, his unstable, shaky attempts at standing...and now am I thrilled or not to see a little white tooth popping out of his gums. And when he gives out the open-mouthed grin...there's the white lil tooth smiling at you. I love it. 

May 20, 2009

Like the started

I've always wondered how people fall love and companionship over the internet, through chatting... how can you find someone interesting without eye-to-eye interaction. At least I believed so. Maybe it's not so tough...or so I've begun to feel. Am leaving out the whys, who, where and when... It's weird, and evern scary at times, but you can find relief, comfort and companionship through just words and conversations. It was so easy to chat, with absolutely no inhibitions. The conversation just went on and on...from one topic to another.. soon realising thr was a lot in common. How long it'll last, hard to tell..... like the rains.....!!!