June 17, 2008


Dogs... what's it about them that make them oh-so-adorable!! I have had three dogs in the past near-30 years of my life. And I've loved every moment with them. The moment they leave, though, is very painful to recover. I remember how I was off school for couple of days after my dear Teddy passed away. I was an 8th class student and many of my friends considered me insane to be weeping over my 'furry' loss. It's a feeling hard to explain. Then a couple of years later Bruno came into our lives... a black bundle of boundless energy and everything that described disobedience!!! As always I was off to college, dad off to office, leaving my mom to handle the four-legged naughty. And the bond they shared was amazing. She was never expressive about it, and often made her intolerance very obvious. But my mom loved Bruno, and there was no hiding that. Bruno, too, held her very dear to his heart. Eight years later, he left us. This time, I was away in another city, enjoying my days of freedom. But the news shattered me. And my mom swore she would not keep another dog. But I haven't gotten over my love for dogs.... and still yearn for the companionship of one. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I am a single child. All my growing up years, I have shared my woes, worries, excitements, crushes, heartbreaks... with my dogs. They were patient listeners and extremely comforting. My husband too loves dogs, though he never had a chance to own one. We've all tried to convince mom to let us keep one, but she gives a firm 'no'. Living in a flat denies us the pleasure, b'coz for some weird reasons most apartments are declared "No-pet zones". Never understood the logic behind this heartless rule. Two years into our marriage and we were still trying to convince mom, and this time she said: "First a kid, and only then a dog." Don't know if that was reason enough for us to start thinking about the option seriously, but anyhow we did and we succeeded. Six months into my pregnancy I am still trying to talk mom into buying a dog. And this time she says: "Only after the baby comes and he/she is at least 3 months old." And so the wait continues... and this time I sure hope she doesn't put out more conditions. I have had a great learning experience and joyous time growing up with my lovely pets and I want my baby to experience the same pleasure. And aptly so, the book i just read was 'Marley & Me' and it only made me realise even more as to what I was missing out in life. For all those who think a dog's a burden, people you don't know what you're missing on. If you're ready for a commitment, get yourself a dog. It's worth it!!!

June 13, 2008

All that glitters!!!

The gold rush... There is constant talk abt the highest ever rate of gold. But walk into any jewellery outlet in kochi, and it sure seems like prices are at an all-time low. Y'day I went into a renowned jewellery shop in kochi and could hardly find a salesperson and even wen i found one, she could hardly hear me over the chitter-chatter of the huge crowd of people. And for all of you who already have a grin that says: "so what were u doing there, doing a thesis on hallmark procedure?". Well, me had to find a cute little chain that would stay wrapped around my neck, all day.... courtesy the many many many people who are concerned about me walking around bare-necked!!! (That's another debatable topic in itself). And of course I am one of those who thinks that I've got a great bargain if I have old or broken jewellery to exchange. Coz you get a new piece of glitter, u give them some old and faded piece and they even pay u back excess money. Wow!! Back to my point. A majority of the gold-diggers were wedding 'parties' (as they are often termed). It's sad to see that many of them were struggling to meet the 'gold quota' that the wedding demanded. Whether u can afford it or not, people feel they need to satisfy the so-called 'general practise' of flaunting jewels. Beg, borrow, steal...but shine and glitter u must on ur wedding day. Ah!! When will people learn to give up age-old customs and live according to their abilities.

June 10, 2008

No child's play

It's amazing how our topics of conversation just take a change according to the changing phases of our lives. There was a time when meeting up with friends meant discussing love lives, the latest movies, clothes, hang-outs and more crazy stuff. Then marriage happened, and I found myself talking more and more about the highs and lows of this new stage in my life. My friends and I mostly shared the excitements of the new life, the hang-ups, etc..etc... And now it's babies, babies and more baby talk. There are almost 8 or 9 of us who are all set to enter the world of motherhood. We even have a chain mail, updating each other on our pregnancy (have the kicks started, the weight gain woes...), and the more experiences ones give out tips to ease our discomforts. While all this is fun and exciting at one level, the fear factor is hard to ignore (at least for me). For a girl, who hasnt held a baby in all her life (hmmmm..... except for once), it is a scary phase to enter. It does get me anxious... will I be a good mom (well...watever a good mom means!!!), will I take good care of my baby, will I lose out on quality time with my partner, does it mean an end to holidays, films and eating outs (mite sound insensitive to some, excuse me for that).... and so it goes on..... The top most concern, am beginning to realise is really about how my precious little one would grow up to be, and how he/she would adapt to the new world. Off late I've been spending a lot of time watching or maybe even observing kids (of various ages). Some get cranky for no reason at all, some others are impossible to handle, while some are too quiet and submissive and then there are the others who are absolutely adorable and full of fun. I know it's very very cruel to classify children in such an insensitive manner....but at times i jus cant stop myself from it. And I find myself pointing fingers at the parents for their inability in teaching the child the rights from the wrongs. But as they say 'it's all easier said than done' I guess. Would I be able to achieve my dream mom status!!! Fingers crossed, I pray....

June 6, 2008

Renewal time

I was all thrilled about starting my own blog, but as with most of my initiatives, this enthusiasm too died down soon. After the initial couple of entries, I gave up. So much so that I couldnt even remember the name of my blog!!! Now with no regular work at hand, and loads of free time, am back to blogging. And this time I am committed to it. (yeah rite!!). It's quite amazing how all fell into place for me. I quit my job a few months ago and the very next month found out that i was on my way to motherhood. Didnt know if it was excitement of fear that first popped into my list of emotions. After the discomforts of the initial months, now I can honestly say it's a great feeling. I do enjoy this experience and am even growing a bit impatient. This was enough reason for me to decide to work from home. And again after the enthusiasm of the initial months, laziness crept in. Travel troubles... hunger pangs... all overtook my will to work. Here I am now, at home, with just occasional works to do. It does get quite b-ooo-r-r-r-ing, esp wen ur home alone (not a very exciting option for a person like me who loves to chat). Add to it the constant hunger.... Anyone who can send me easy-t0-make and yummy-to-it recipes are welcome. Interestingly, in the past few months I have grown very attached and dependent on my mom. Me, who always wanted to be on my own and stay away from my city, now finds most relief in her company. Is it something to do with my own transition to motherhood. My parents have been away for 3 weeks now, and from the second day they were gone, I was yearning for their return. A feeling I've rarely (or almost never) experience before. But am too shy or too embarrassed to admit this to my mom. One of the main drives that got me to renew my blog. :)