February 27, 2010

Will I earn the tag of 'nagging mom'?

The intimate are the ones with whom we really don't have to bother with formalities. You could barge into their homes anytime, wake them up from sleep to pour your heart out, shamelessly borrow money without worrying what they'd think about you, tell them exactly what you want for your birthday and even mention the shop and price...and many more scarily crazy things.
I do have a few buddies with whom I do exactly this...and more. Those were the days...the times we often refer to as student days. I'd call it the singledom days. Me, my bum-chums, our crazy times. What fun!!! Today, after almost five years of marriage and one year of motherhood, I miss them more than ever. The laughing-for-no-reason moments, the gossip sessions, the love-tale times, the Cosmopolitan-classes educating ourselves on things we thought would be useful in our lives to come (not sure how many of us have tried to execute the lessons learnt)...the fashion-talk, girlie giggles....ohhhhh loved it all. What wouldn't I do to get back those moments.
Even now, we do try and meet up occasionally, but no matter how hard we try, we soon see our conversation steering to babytalk (toilet training, feeding, sleeping hassles, etc, etc), motherhood woes, the insensitive side of the husbands, the mostly-never-understanding-in laws...and all baggages that come with marriage. Each time we swear not to let them interfere our girlie time...but the ghost lingers on...and on...
Now everytime I see Ayush fussing to have me around...I think: "Wait another 6-7 years, and you'll hate it if I chase your around and fuss about you." It will then be their turn to make friends, chill-out, have fun, laugh aloud and of course crib about their 'pestering parents' who insist they sleep on time, get home by sunset, eat the right foods, and of course who ask a zillion questions before giving that money you asked for. Ahhhh...will I do what I never wanted my parents to...or will I too ape them? With age and time...maybe I too will start fretting the minute clock goes past 6 if my child's not home yet, maybe I too will frown at the mention of stay-overs at friends' homes (which BTW I loved)...maybe I too will...

February 16, 2010

24 hours....

I've read so many FB messages and Twitter updates (from my buddies to celebs) in the recent days that said 'Too much to do, but too little time'. What's keeping everyone so busy and time-tied? Even I keep talking about lack of time. I can't comment on behalf of the other time-starved lot..but in my case the problem really isn't with the clock and its time...it's ME. I call myself hopelessly busy all day but a look-back at night reveals a still-messy house, take-away meals, piled up laundry, still-pending shopping list and a blank worksheet. There is no TV watching, no outing wt friends, no movie watching....Can't remember the last time I read a book.....but am still pressed for time.
I am obsessed about my weight gain and constantly crib about it. Tell me to go for a walk or join a gym, and pat comes the reply: "Where is the time?". Ask me to do the house errands and there I am once again struggling to make time...and failing miserably at it.
The clock's ticking fine here...but I never have enough time. Where is my share of 24 hours then?

February 1, 2010

Mind on pause mode

Everyone who seems me can't stop themselves from remarking "Oh you're so active on Facebook". To which a dear friend (more of a sister) remarked: "Ya absolutely. If she's thinking, she's writing." In that case I guess I haven't been taxing my mind in the past few days... no thinking happening at all. Coz there isn't any writing or putting down of thoughts/opinions happening. And why am I not surprised.
Me and the maid-jinx continues with my help of the last 10 months choosing to quit with no notice or word. Reason: I told her if she wasn't coming in for work, then she should at least inform me. Now how could I speak to her like that? How could I put forth such conditions? That was terrible on my part. Well the damage is done. I've spoken and she's reacted. So I am once again left with the exciting tasks of sweeping, mopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, washing vessels....and handling a 15-month-old non-stop mischief maker. The only highlight: some people seem to think I've shed some of the extra flab since I've taken up the role of home-maker cum home-cleaner cum home-cook..whatever that means.
I am so busy exercising and exerting my hands, legs, feet, spine...all this leaves no time for the mind or brain. They are on holiday. Absolutely no thinking, only acting, reacting.
Just when I thought I'd shake them up with some thoughts, here goes the washing machine...humming a particularly irritating music, signalling the end of one pile of laundry. So time to stop thinking and start acting. Mind is back to 'pause mode' and hands and legs are back to 'active' mode. Buh byee..!