July 17, 2009

Age of Picassa

Old photos are a sure way to laugh out loud. Top of the list is my parents' wedding album...my mom looking every bit the shy, coy bride and jealously slim and very very pretty. (There's something about b/w photos, just makes one look so ethereal and beautiful). And by her side is my dad (see..am already grinning:) with long hair, curled in at the end, huge think black-framed spectacles and a serious meets shy smile. They made such a cute picture. And the rest of the family...can't exactly find words to describe the attires, looks and appearances. Most of my uncles and aunts look like they've been starved since birth. The fashion mantra: tight shirts with broad sleeves, 2 flaired breast pockets, tighter than the tightest pair of pants, the curls and the specs complete the fashion accessory. For the ladies-- polka dots or loud prints in skirts and saris (mind u...the saris are more transparent than glass), slick oily pony tails or braids put on one side, huge bindis (which I just looooooovvee), danglers (see fashion keeps repeating) and the eye-liners.
My next favourite are my school snaps. Almost 20 years later it still manages to transport me back to the benches of Toc-H. We all look so weird and dumb with our dresses and mannerisms. Some have changed beyond recognition.... These photos are such a treasure.
Now college days, which is more of fun, friends, fashion. The 'gangs' doing crazy stuff, striking funny poses, trying to be cool..etc.. But all was fun and totally crazy. We'd click ourselves at most outings we went and the trips we did...make a fool of ourselves everywhere and let the whole place know that we're here.
Then once we had 'grown up' and 'moved out' to do our own thing...basically work... it was another life. All of us staying together and having a blast whenever we could find time together. The occassional photo shoots would be there....with us in our shabbiest worst or at times dressed for the ramp!
Now, 4 years into marriage and almost a year into motherhood, whenever I want photos my husband tells me: "It's all in the computer." Welcome to the digital age. Sure enough it's much easier and fuss-free to use the digital camera, even gives you the option to work on yourself and adjust the flaws. But hey, a CD or a computer drive doesn't really take me down memory lane. I still need a print in my hand to feel the image. Seeing Ayush smiling at me from the computer is fine, but holding his smile in my hand feels even better. Hey c'mon...when you just wanna rewind to earlier days you can't always run to the comp or the laptop...aren't albums much easier and warmer.
Why am I writing this? I just read in the papers that Kodak has decided to stop manufacture of a certain brand of their film b'coz of low sales. People no longer use rolls, it's all digital. Somewhere even I am contributing to this 'low sales' coz I too use a digital cam. But at least I still believe in keeping prints and maintaing albums...not just picassa but the real albums.. Those that come with a lil girl smiling at you or a bunch of roses on the cover.

July 9, 2009

Celebrate, don't just calculate

'Be practical' is what I hear day in and day out. Is life all about being practical, being cost-effective and about doing something because that's the best or most practical way of doing it? Where amidst all this does one do something simply for the fun of it, or coz of the passion for it or simply coz one loves it...!!!
Practical, realistic...it's all fine but everyone needs a breather and needs to keep his/her heart and soul ticking. Life's not always about calculations, it's also about celebrations. It's about being crazy, casual, funny, loving and bindaas!

Dress codes and weddings

Weddings always scare me. Be it mine or any other soul. Mine...it was done with 4 years ago and so far it's just been a one-time 'bridely' experience. And you just have to 'be the bride', the rest is all taken care of. Parents don't mind plsurging money on you..clothes...jewellery..etc..etc.., the best beautician is there to dress you up, your friends are around to help you go through it all. Anyways that's done.
Being a guest at weddings is worse. Weddings can me categorised as friends, family and the miscellaneous. Friends's weddings are cool...full of fun and you so look forward to it. You decide what you gonna wear, and you can tell ur mom to please stay outta the 'deciding style n wardrobe' process. But when it comes to family weddings, it's horrible. Even that is divided...my immediate family, my husband's family and so on. My mom comes up with these absurd reasonings for her suggestions. And every wedding we both will be arguing as we leave home and I'll have a huge big frown and she won't be talking to me...and it's the same story almost every time. Me's never been too enthu about (gold) jewellery and never the chain person either. Mom says: "There will be a lot of elderly poeple at the wedding...so do wear a chain." Elderly people and chain....what do they have in common? All this logic goes over my head or most honestly I chose to let it go over my head and ears. Today was one such day and I know there are many more to come.... Oh wedding invites, please ignore my post box and thesedays inbox too.

July 7, 2009

Beware, the budget's here

Can anyone explain the budget to me pls? Since I started working (as a journo), everytime Budget Day nears I started panicking. How do I handle it? I never quite understand the whole Budget presentation. There were live Budget discussions, interactions and we had to meet industrialists, businessmen, corporate people and get their views. I would be so clueless on what to ask... Once in the print media, I was told that Budget should always be written with a capital 'B'. (Guess it shows the significance of this process....I thought and felt stupid that I was still ignorant about it.)
The nexy morning's papers were my saviours. Most papers would have this 'Cheaper'-'Costlier' column stating what prices have gone up and what's gone down. That gave me a lil idea...enough to be part of budget discussions next day at office or around the family dining table or among friends. Mayb that's how most people got an understanding of the Bible called Budget, but at least they are better at pretending they 'know it all' while I continue to have this 'what the hell's happening' look.

July 6, 2009

Kya Kambakth film hai!

I haven't been too regular at the movies since my son came by...but I still try and keep myself updated about the releases and its reviews. The name 'Kambakth Ishq' didnt sound too impressive to me and I wasn't particulalry eager to watch it. But New York and Love Aaj Kal topped my list. I still did read the review of KI (tats hows people refer to it on FB). And was I shocked or what?
Akshay's a Hollywood stuntman and Kareena's a surgeon by day and supermodel by night (quite a combo). Our man is every woman's dream and our lady thinks men are not worth the time! (y the exclamation...I don't know).
Our man comes under the knife of our model-surgeon and guess what....she forgets a watch inside his tummy. Mayb it's her way of getting back at the 'male' lot. Whatever! And our lady then tries to seduce mr.bravo so that he doesn't sue her for this extra lil that she did for him. Am already exhausted. How could any sane person think of a story like this...well can't even call it a story. It's good enuf as a bedtime tale to put a lil one to sleep. Hmmm..mayb I shud try it once Ashu's a old enuf for stories. And he'd probably start asking me questions like: "What watch was it, ma?", "So how did he know the time?" etc...
When I did ask a friend who was brave or stupid enuf to watch the film, she said "You can watch it for the kisses...lots of them'. Now how's that for an answer to 'how's the film?'. And then she adds "It's a one-time watch". Can't believe anyone would want to watch such a horrendously stupid movie more than once....even once is quite a brave act!
Am just hoping my hopes of Love Aaj Kal doesn't end in a similarly shockking manner.

July 4, 2009

On a Chocolaty break

Coffee, Chocolates, Chilly winds, good Company, great Conversation... the many C's that make my life worth living and enjoyable. To give up any of this is quite a task. I did coffee a break for a while...and I thought if I can survive without coffee and I can survive anywhere. Then it was the turn of the gooey, yummy chocolate. Off it went from my menu for a loong looong time...and I survived. Chilly winds are a sometimes-in-a-year luxury...I manage to pull thru the extreme summers too. Now for good company and great conversation....happens once in a while and then it's an absolute Riot. :)
I always wonder...how could anyone not fall in love with the aroma of coffee and not relish the chocolatiness of chocolates. I pity them all...they no not what they're missing in life. Here I am, once again trying to keep my hands off from my chocolatey temptations. Pastries...bar chocolates...miss me. Or will they?
There's always a last time...and this weekend will be my binge break. And then I go on a 'Cocoa break'.

July 3, 2009

Weekend woes

Do Saturday and Sunday really have 24 hours each? I wonder! Another Friday is here, hinting that the weekend his here again. Of course saturday doesn't really count has a holiday here (the 5-day work routine is a luxury of a chosen few), but saturday is a lazy day. Just when you start wondering what to do this weekend... you have a particularly nagging relative saying they are coming over and need to be picked and dropped and fed... or you get an invite to a wedding or engagment or some random function at a venue at least 3 hours from here... And that fills up the weekend agenda.
This week, so far, seems left to my will and fancy. I have a lot of 'to-do' things in mind but only Monday will tell if the list has now changed to 'still-to-do' things.

July 1, 2009

Food notes

Eat to live and not live to eat. But at times, I just can't resist. The hunger pangs began with my pregnancy, was with me thru the 9 months, and post delivery and then I kinda got addicted to it. I would just eat and eat, and keep telling myself that 'I'm hungry'. A trip to a jeans outlet gave me a rude shock. My waistline was the largest I've ever had and worse, this brand didnt keep female jeans beyond a certain measure. And of course I was way up their mark!
Shocked and totally devastated I vowed to cut down on my food. I did it, too. People started noticing the difference and I was quite elated with myself. I did do the occassional binges but now looks like binges are becoming routine and controlled diet is a visitor. One new hotel opens and I need to check out the place. For the past 2 nights I've been fulfilling my stomach's urges (or is it all in the mind)!
I have a deadline and a target in mind. No wonder diet, no regular calorie-burning session, no cutting down on sweet and chatpata urges.....but hopefully I'll still get there.