July 16, 2010

Too much of too many things

I am missing my blog. The times when something would go tring tring in my mind or there'd be something stupid nagging my mind or somebody pisses me off big time and leaves me fuming...., or just those moments when I find myself drawn towards my blog and before I know it, I am either penning down memories, or sharing fun moments, crying over a dear one or just letting out my steam. It's not that my life is calmer now and nothing is nagging my mind.
In fact there has been too much randomness, too much madness, too many temper tantrums, too many surprises (rude ones too) and a whole lot of S*#T. I'll be back once the madness settles down.


Anne Kurian said...

Hey...has the madness settled down? I know this is hard to believe, but when I read about the happenings in your life, it was just like writing about what's going on in my life right now. I know it's not really a good excuse to stop blogging, but I shall resume in a day or two. And I hope you DO too!
And oh! Do share some of the madness on blog. I have a feeling there could be similarities ;-)

The Coffee Cup said...

I am so so thrilled to finally see someone leaving a note on my blog after a long time. :) Yes, I am a Leo and I love attention!
I was just thinking today if blogging is seasonal (like pregnancy). I have always noticed that when I hear of baby arrivals, it's always a huge list. There are a few months dedicated to welcoming babies. In my case too, we were around 9 friends who had babies in the gap of a month or so.
So it seems to be with blogging too. Most of the blogs I follow are on a break. Hardly any posts in the past month. Maybe it's time we all got back in action and gave each other things to laugh about, think about or just something for 'timepass' read.