December 5, 2010

Around (&about) my life of 60 days

Firstly thanks to my friend, once-neighbour, now business-partner and alltime-anytime girlfriend Sumi for leading me back to my blog. One sleepless night got her back to blogging, and one tweet about that found my cursor clicking its way to my virtual mind. There is never a pattern to my blog (feel free to disagree): sometimes I treat my blog as a punching bag, at times an agony aunt, or just my online diary and at other times it's a dreamland--a space where I share my desires, aspirations, loves. Must confess that there have been times when I have forced a blog, written just to keep the promise of regular blogging.

Though i do give myself the concession of being a convenience blogger, someone who blogs at her own will, at her own pace and her own level of regularity, this time I am a little shocked with myself (actually disappointed) for taking such a long break. Simply because quite a bit happened during this 60-odd days.

For my own sake, am going to try to recollect and put down at least some of the interesting or important things that I went through in the past 2 months:

1. I found my time, talent and timepass: Can't quite elaborate on that one, except that I was back to work. It felt great, it made me feel 'worth it', had me excited every morning and exhausted by evening, saw new faces, had new conversations, read new things and felt fresh in the mind and heart.
2. Caught up with some very unexpected people on facebook, and it feels awesome. Sharing secrets of school days, laughing over the silly games and giggling about the crushes. Distance and two decades later, it all seems sweeter, funnier, crazier.
3. Gave up on my 'attempts to diet', instead decided to be happier with myself and occasional resort to healthy eating!
4. The turning point: my friend and boss puts me the proposal of joining the firm as partner. Share the responsibilities, the challenges, the madness, the success and the fun. A few days later I knew what I wanted, and today am partner to DropCap Media. It's not the position that thrills me, the fact that we are two like-minded people, believing in the power of words and the magic of technology and striving to give the best combination of this to people. This process excites me.
5. Completed five years of my marriage. Being someone who never had much belief or faith in the necessity of 'marriage', this sure is an achievement.
6. Found a new friend. Mmmm here am a little stuck. Not sure where and how to categorise this person. We rarely meet (almost never), we never call each other, our conversations are limited to messages (on FB or phone), we never discuss personal life but talk about everything else under the Sky--from a killer wine-cheese combo to the dirty games in the corporate world to new releases, music, travel to man/woman debates to love, commitment and animals...and a lot more. It's an interesting friendship, and the best thing it's a non-judgmental friendship (whatever you figure out from that).

7. Had a few bitter, nasty arguments with people who stand very close to my life. But am glad they happened 'coz it ripped off the mask and showed the real picture: what some people really are, how their mind really never manage to run of the narrow corridor it's stuck in (though they pretend otherwise), how some men mistake male to mean 'superior, the ultimate and the decider'. It's left me doubly strong-willed about my decisions, choices and inspires me to 'damn the senseless souls and move ahead'.
8. The flat-shopping we've been working on for almost three years now has finally come to an end. No we didn't find a flat that suited our desires and budget....So we just decided to stop the search. For one, our budget doesn't quite match up to the demands, and also we didn't quite spot any that made us want to own it right there.
9. My little boy is really now the little BIG boy. Yes, he's grown taller and is doing bigger tricks...but what amazes me most is his vocabulary. Not sure if am overreacting and being over-enthusiastic (it's my first time as mother so am entitled to a bit of hyperism) about his 'new words' and 'new skills'. He talks non-stop in a 'nothing-could-be-cuter' tone and rhythm. He takes a piece of my heart when he leaves to school every morning, blowing out kisses to me and screaming out a 'Amma, hab a good day' (translated: Have a good day).
10. I find myself crying lesser, laughing more these days. Before I give you the impression that my life was one big tragedy and I was living a torture, let me tell you it doesn't take much to make me cry. At the risk of losing a very dear friend who would be horrified at me for saying this, I can cry watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hain! Anything that isn't happy could have me in tears. And this has stopped now. Am glad about it. The laughter moments are thanks to my new office, colleagues and back home my little munchkin.

It wasn't a forced attempt to touch ten, but now that I've hit ten, let me stop at that. These are a few things that made my days special in the past two months. I have just noticed another half-baked blog in my draft, hope to finish that too soon.

PS: About the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, a friend recently told me that her husband cries at some of the scenes, too.


SunnySmile said...

At the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society, that was one great post, girl!
Enjoyed every bit of it! Perked me up better than my cuppa... I like the fact that your list is well-rounded, if you know what I mean.
Love you!

Anne Kurian said...

Welcome back!!! Glad to see that both partners have got back on blogosphere. I loved your post! Like Sumi wrote, it is well rounded and I especially liked 7, probably because it was reading something that I went through too over the past couple of weeks.
Congratulations once again on partnering with your friend. There's nothing like working with like-minded people.
And oh! Do keep blogging!

The Coffee Cup said...

Hey pretty you. Just the pat,pat, hug, hug I needed and I sooo love. Though, am sure I've missed out on quite a few happenings, the once I managed to recall make me happy and stronger.
Anne, thanks and yes hope to be here more often. Sure it's awesome working wt someone who's almost a mirror image of you (in thought, spirit and crazy quotient).
SS: We rock!

Shalini George said...

Loved reading your post. Could easily relate to most of it. Actually all of it. That could've been easily been life too. Your post has come as a fresh start to my day. Keep writing. God Bless!

The Coffee Cup said...

Thanks Shalini. Wonderful to have you drop by, welcome! SOmetimes you just have to stop cribbing n whining and relish the little joys (some def more than little too) and sit back n laugh loud. I just did that and feeling good. :)

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