November 15, 2007

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Went through a lot of blogs, courtesy my friends and random acquaintances. Loved some, ignored some. Never really thot of opening one write to myself or rather about myself. I wonder how, I wonder why.. today I decided to give it a try. And here I was trying to figure out how the whole process happens. Dabbled with the blogger site for half an hour, clicked on some "3 Steps to open a new blog" and "Continue" signs and this is what I have. Dont know if I'll love this idea or choose to ignore it soon... but so far so good. Half my cuppa coffee was over while attempting to create the blog, and now am done with the final sip...and so signing off for now. Until next time... it's good night, shubh ratri and I love u all (Yes I am a Shah Rukh fan).

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Sav said...

welcome to blog-world :)