October 29, 2009

A slice of every season

It's been a while and my promise to stay committed to my blog was conveniently forgotten for a few weeks. Not that I didn't have much to pen, just that I didn't have the time to give words to my emotions. I was giving words to a whole lot of other emotion-less assignments, while juggling between mundane chores and the never ending search for a maid. I just realise that almost all my posts have some reference to 'maid'. Just goes to show how much of a crucial role they play in my life. This time I have nothing to say about them..rather I choose not to talk about them. I need a break, a break from all things routine, a break from all things boring, I want a HOLIDAY. For the past one week, every friend of mine who's in one of those countries that actually experience the many seasons, have been loading their albums with images of Autumn which I call Autumn Awes coz they r so beautiful. The shades of colours that just flow from one branch to another...some dark, some a shade lighter and some almost colorless. The reds, oranges, greens, pinks, browns, yellows...sit pretty on the trees forming nothing short of a work of art. Another few weeks and the colours give way to the pure WHITE. The snow comes down, covers the greens, the red roofs, the brown driveways. The coats, gloves, scarfs, hats..all come out. I'd love to experience this transformation of seasons but my friends warn me: Winter is anything but exciting. With clocks turned back to save daylight (a concept Indians never had to try), with feet tucked into boots, hands slid into gloves...braving the biting cold is no fun, they say. To me it all seems like a scene out of an English movie and I'd love to be part of this scene at least once. The colours of autumn, a snowman of winter, the budding of spring, the sunshine of summer..somebody gift me a slice of every season!



no part of the world is as colorful as the mIddle east. U see shades of Blue, Green, yellow, Pink, bright orange, red,...and every one of those you see on the color chart. and that too every month of the year !! But did I say they are all buildings.

hmm reading ur blog makes me think...if human beings dint have the threat of old age looming over 'em...wud people have actually gotten into marriage? I guess people wud have all been independent. With independence comes the term carefree....which translates into the possibility of leading a no strings attached life. So that lets u free to be a nomad. roam free through the wilderness, the deserts, the grasslands, freezing cold...and see the orchards shedding off the autumn leaves.

NOt exactly in the species of Christoph mcCandless. but as I love to call myself...An Audaxviator...Roam free...see every sight...feel every weather. Live every season.

Sree said...

Well here in Kerala.. we at least have the blues and the greens and the occasional greys/blacks when the monsoon clouds take over the sky.
Is the threat of old age really a good enuf reason to marry? We could debate it all our lives.What guarantee that your partner would be by your side and age with you :)
To dream what you desire and to do what you dream...happens only with freedom.