February 1, 2010

Mind on pause mode

Everyone who seems me can't stop themselves from remarking "Oh you're so active on Facebook". To which a dear friend (more of a sister) remarked: "Ya absolutely. If she's thinking, she's writing." In that case I guess I haven't been taxing my mind in the past few days... no thinking happening at all. Coz there isn't any writing or putting down of thoughts/opinions happening. And why am I not surprised.
Me and the maid-jinx continues with my help of the last 10 months choosing to quit with no notice or word. Reason: I told her if she wasn't coming in for work, then she should at least inform me. Now how could I speak to her like that? How could I put forth such conditions? That was terrible on my part. Well the damage is done. I've spoken and she's reacted. So I am once again left with the exciting tasks of sweeping, mopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, washing vessels....and handling a 15-month-old non-stop mischief maker. The only highlight: some people seem to think I've shed some of the extra flab since I've taken up the role of home-maker cum home-cleaner cum home-cook..whatever that means.
I am so busy exercising and exerting my hands, legs, feet, spine...all this leaves no time for the mind or brain. They are on holiday. Absolutely no thinking, only acting, reacting.
Just when I thought I'd shake them up with some thoughts, here goes the washing machine...humming a particularly irritating music, signalling the end of one pile of laundry. So time to stop thinking and start acting. Mind is back to 'pause mode' and hands and legs are back to 'active' mode. Buh byee..!


Reshma said...

Ah - the only problem we have with our maid. We have told her, sorry requested, a million times at least to let us know if she is not coming, or if she would be late. Coz we work and the entire schedule goes for a toss if we wait for her to show up. But no - she simply won't. We tell her " just give a missed call, we'll call you" and her answer is "deedi - phone main balance nahin hai". NEVER is there balance in her phone. Sigh! I half dread the day she says "bahut khich khich karta hai- hum jaa rahein hai" - which apparently she did with someone else!!!!

Sree said...

Ditto here. This is one thankless lot and of course the most privileged too. They can quit with no notice period, and we of course the large-hearted bosses decide not to be harsh on the poor souls and give them the entire pay. I am so tired of coping with their many mood swings n demands...been managing on my own for the past 2-3 weeks. It's maddening but at least I have to tolerate only my Tantrums.