February 16, 2010

24 hours....

I've read so many FB messages and Twitter updates (from my buddies to celebs) in the recent days that said 'Too much to do, but too little time'. What's keeping everyone so busy and time-tied? Even I keep talking about lack of time. I can't comment on behalf of the other time-starved lot..but in my case the problem really isn't with the clock and its time...it's ME. I call myself hopelessly busy all day but a look-back at night reveals a still-messy house, take-away meals, piled up laundry, still-pending shopping list and a blank worksheet. There is no TV watching, no outing wt friends, no movie watching....Can't remember the last time I read a book.....but am still pressed for time.
I am obsessed about my weight gain and constantly crib about it. Tell me to go for a walk or join a gym, and pat comes the reply: "Where is the time?". Ask me to do the house errands and there I am once again struggling to make time...and failing miserably at it.
The clock's ticking fine here...but I never have enough time. Where is my share of 24 hours then?