June 30, 2010

Barbies Vs Basketball

The Man Vs Woman debate on who is the superior gender has been on for years. We have now reached the 'They are equal' conclusion. Talk on empowering women, educating the girl child, fight against female foeticide, dowry deaths, honour killings, career women and a whole lot of things favouring women/girls are constantly being discussed and debated. I vote for it. I agree women rock! Women are awesome. They are wonderful at multitasking, balancing work-home, and they don't shy from speaking their mind, reacting, rebelling and choosing their path and walking it too.
I am not discussing serious issues of gender equality or women's reservation and its significance or any such thing. My reason for this blog is very simple. It's about babies. I don't think this needs a disclaimer suggesting these words are purely my personal opinion, because my blog is obviously my mind and my thoughts. I am mother to a little boy and I absolutely love him and adore him. In the past 21 months (since I first held the little one) I have so often been told my many--friends, family, acquaintances, near strangers--on how I should go for one more baby, and it comes with an add-on that says, "Don't worry, next time it will definitely be a girl." WHAAAT. When did I ever give them the impression that am brooding over having had a son.
Let me be honest here and admit that I did desire a girl, but like any anxious first-time mommy my secret prayers always wished for a healthy, happy baby. I am blessed with just that. Touch wood! I remember the moment when the doctor took the little life from within me and told me 'It's a boy'....I did feel a prick of disappointment. It lasted a few days (the time I took to turn mother in mind, sould and heart). And then the feeling vanished just the way it came: sudden and unexpected. Since then, not once have I been haunted by that worry. I love my boy and he brings the brightest smile on my face.
This is no boy child vs girl child debate. This is just my response to the many many concerned and loving people out there who keep comforting me saying it's never too late...you can still try for a girl. When you've just had a baby [boy], why bless them saying: 'Congrats and hope you soon have a little girl too'. What's the fuss about.
Yes kidswear brands are partial to little girls--the super cute dresses they bring out for the little dolls. For boys, it's mostly the shorts and t-shirts, with some brands being nice enough to add a little twist to the designs. Yes, girls can be dressed, accessorised...the polka dots, the floral prints, cute bags, pretty hair bands, tiny colourful shoes, ear rings, bangles and what not! For boys, its often just a cap or belt.
Yes girls sound far cuter when they talk, they ask the cutest questions in their sweetest voices and have you cracking up in laughter, while the boys are busy kicking the football or riding their cycle or breaking things. Just one little observation [by me] goes in favour of the little boys--they seem less fussier/crankier than girls.

When it comes to hugs, kisses, loving and making you feel wanted....the boys are just as cute and just as innocent. They hug you for no reason, kiss you to soothe your anger and just makes you feel so special. To all you moms out there who feel you're family's incomplete without a little doll or who feel you've been denied the joy & love of a little girl or who feel boys means trouble and torture....this one's for you.
Playing football with my little macho is just as much fun as dressing up Barbie. Hearing him cheer for a goal or go clap clap for a sixer is just as exciting as watching a little girl do up her doll house. Watching my little boy dance and sing to his own steps and tunes is my ultimate entertainment, and I feel so special when he drags me to join in the dance. Kids are adorable, they are addictive, they are amazing: be it boy or girl. Love them and they'll love you just as much or even more.

This is my little brat....and I soooo love him. Muahhh my munchkin!


Journomuse said...

haha, its so true that there are more frillier dresses and little knickknacks for girls..But not anymore..these days most brands are ensuring boys emerge as metrosexuals arent they? Even tiny headbands and bracelets...:)

Anonymous said...

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PNA said...

The concept of giving birth to girls and dressing them up is the cutest idea ever... I would love to have a doll first :D :D

But priority: a healthy baby, boy or girl.. nothing seems to be more appealing than holding our newborn in our hands :)

cya, n Gn

The Coffee Cup said...

@Journo: Oh yes it's definitely better these days. They do come out wt cool accessories for the lil ones.
PNA: I so so agree wt u and like i said even I secretly wished wished for a baby doll. The pretty cute frocks still tempt me. Just tat often ppl are a tad too unfair to the lil boy angels.

Anne Kurian said...

I do wish I have a boy next, whenever that is. But having said that I would never want anytyhing to change in my life so far, most importantly, the birth of my daughter four years ago. Babies are, at the risk of sounding like a sage, gifts from God and its about time people realised that the boy/girl factor does not matter.

The Coffee Cup said...

@Anne: Bang on dear. That's exactly my thoughts too. Of course I would love love love to have a lil princess and dress her up in cutesy clothes, and watch her grow into a fine girl with a mind of her own and a warm heart.
But yes I feel absolutely wonderful for the fine little boy I am blessed with who's really a mood magician. Can have me in smiles so easily. Boy or girl...kids are angels and adorable.

Laxmi Narayan International said...