June 1, 2010

Live. Love. Let Go.

Laundry, cleaning up, cooking, paying bills, hunting for a new maid...today wasn't the easiest or laziest of days for me. Lying in bed finishing two books over cups of coffee, soulful music in the background, a feel-good mail from a crazy buddy, a de-stressing chat with a friend, the company of solitude...today was one of the best days I had in the recent times. I can't remember the last time I managed to read through at least half of a book without a dozen interruptions: calls from the maid, demands from my little son, random people who think it's polite to ring the door bell at least thrice, answering phone calls and what not! The only thing missing today was the rains. While it stormed and rained (and even hailstorms happened) in neighbouring cities, Mr. Sun chose to be extra nice to us and beamed brighter and brighter all day.
No complaints though. I loved every bit of the day including the times I lay in bed, staring into the nothingness while my mind was busy re-running a conversation it hoped would happen. It hasn't yet but am not giving up hope just yet. The mind was on a time-machine ride, jumping from one 'phase in life' to another at the press of a button. Browsed through the many people I met, some who found a special place in my heart and life, some whom I wished to place in a cosy corner but were gone too soon, some I still hope to meet one day and offer a lovely corner of my mind, my life.
It's funny how sometimes we ride on a certain train of thought and soon we hear or read someone else say the same. So it happened with me today. During it's time machine trip, my mind was wondering and weighing the significance of 'The Forever Love'. Does it really exist? Can we find true love in one person forever. My life forces me to say No. I believe in love. I love the idea of being in love, of being loved. But finding one love and believing it to be the true forever love is a crazy idea. How does one know he/she is The One? I've heard people say: 'You just feel a bond'. Sure you do, but how do you know it's for life!
I have lived, loved and lost. Loved again and lost again. None of it has weakened my belief in love and my love for love. I still love, truly, madly, deeply...rejoice in it, revel in it. But is it forever, I don't know. I often love in part and pieces. I so easily fall in love with a voice, with an expression, a look, a gesture. It is easy to fall in love, to surrender to the moment and enjoy it while it lasts. Do not complicate it with the burden of a 'Forever Tag'. Do not spoil the beauty of the moment by forcing it into a lifetime locker. Enjoy the dimples, the smiles, the touch, the kiss and don't drag them along till your wrinkle-days. Live. Love. Let Go.


anubhuti said...

Hey Coffee Cup (oye.. CC sounds much cooler, or not, maybe, anyway). I am a little confused. I am not quite sure how to interpret your view. For me, letting go of something you love is extremely scary, be it anything, from something as important as a person in your life to something as trivial as... I don't know.. a t shirt maybe. And the fear of losing that, if lingers somewhere at the back of my mind, my brain would automatically not let me get attached to it. Sometimes I do feel that I am losing out on a lot, maybe I'm just crazy.. I don't know.
But it was nice to have a peek into your day, now I know you a little more... :) see you soon.

The Coffee Cup said...

@Anubhuti: I so understand what you're saying. It's never easy to love knowing that you're gonna lose it some day. I just think that when you nurture hopes of having it forever and then lose it, it's very difficult to cope. I have seen people who have lost all faith in love b'coz of a bitter experience.
Then there are others who've brushed aside the tears and loss, and moved on with a smile knowing that there is more love out there. You just need to free your mind and open your heart.
PS: With dogs though I could never get over the loss.

an said...


The Coffee Cup said...

@An: Thanks