January 20, 2010

Minting money....missing life

I am amazed at people who say 'Money isn't important to me. I just need enough for my necessities.' Well, it's another thing that "Necessities" mean different things to different people. For some necessity refers to the actual basics like roti, kapda aur makaan (food, cloth & shelter; for some it means the basic plus a weekly dinner outing or an annual holiday or covering the expense of education. For some necessity means a luxurious home with people at your service, a car porch that boasts of the world's most luxurious drives. For some others, like my help-at-home, money is very very important. Every penny adds to the monthly rent they have to pay (Rs 1500 which, for many of us, may seem a measly sum). Then there are the others, like some auto drivers here, who work until then can earn that extra for a bottle of their fav Rum. Once the pocket's done that, then they refuse to make even One extra penny.
Money is important...I Believe. I am not certain it's important enough to kill each other for it, or take your own family to court over it, or strain relationships over it. But for a common man, who toils to make every single penny, maybe money is as important as life itself. How else do you explain the main suicides in the name of financial crisis! For some one who is robbed of his lifetime's savings, maybe money is worth killing for. Children (often girls) are denied the value of education because of money, rather the lack of it.
Here I am, blessed with not just the necessities but the comforts of life, and still cribbing about not enough moolah. Here I am, looking up in the distance at things I don't have and forgetting to take a look back at the many things I have. Here I am, envying people who have bigger, better, more luxurious lifestyle and not sparing a moment to sympathise with those for whom every day is a fight for survival...struggle to feed the family and give them a roof. Here I am, instead of being thankful for all that I have...I am constantly cribbing on what I don't.
Being ambitious doesn't mean just adding to your bank balance...I need to learn this lesson. Yes, money is important. Money can definitely buy smiles. When I buy my son a toy, the smile on his face is worth every penny I spend, or even more. Enjoy the little joys money gifts and not run after the bigger problems it may cause.

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