March 8, 2010

Blue in its many shades, many moods

Monday blues...Feeling Blue...Blue is often used to describe dullness, disappointment and everything un-exciting. Why! Oh Why! I love brightens my day. It's a soother for the sore eyes, it spreads a feel of calm, it's warm yet wild. I love BLUE.
Blue isn't just about boredom, neither is it about pornography. Which prompts me to wonder...why are porno films categorised as "blue films". What's blue gotta do with orgy and orgasms? I can think of many other colours that would more aptly scream out those emotions.
Well.. erotic for some, exhaustion for some... for me BLUE spells warm welcome, a calm cool, a silent drizzle, soulful music, a devastating darkness, inviting intoxication and a wild sparkle.

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