March 7, 2010

My dil goes Mmmmm....

Is it the realisation that summer's here that's made me take this sudden but lasting craving for ice-creams. In the past one week, I've scooped a variety of flavours from a range of brands. Some tried-tested-and-loved flavours, some new experiments, some chosen by smells or colours...but everything had to have at least a drizzle of my ever-favourite choc sauce. It's a must-have. I think it's a sin not to let the choc sauce flow its way over the ice-cream giving it this awesome design pattern and tempting look.
I was never much of an ice-cream person. After watching Salaam Namaste where Preity Zinta craves for a "certain" flavour of ice-cream at midnight and how the adorable Saif tours the town in search of it...I used to actually visualise myself doing the same. Though I did doubt that my husband wouldn't be half as enthusiastic as Saif when it came to missing his sleep. Pregnancy came, but ice-creams never topped my "I want it right now" list. At least then I could have had them without guilt and family would have bought me them all without a fuss.
Now there's the guilt after eating a bowl, and there is the fuss before buying a pack. I was always this chocolaty person who refused to even try out other flavours until it had a choco mentioned somewhere in the name. But during my latest romance with ice-cream, I have consciously avoided the brown temptation. In fact I turned away from flavours simply because they were guilty of adding choc to their names (though the ice cream itself showed no sign of any chocolaty touch). And I've just found my new favourite: Fig. Just polished one bowl of it...and loved every bit. Even licked clean every inch of the bowl. Yummmm...though it left me with a sticky nose and cheeks.
My new icy-creamy romance isn't suiting my weighing scale. Every time I down a scoop, my mom gives me the looks and reels out ways to work out excess kilos. I try to turn a deaf ear by her words fall loud n strong straight into my ear drums...and worse keep echoing in there until sleep time. Yes I do wanna take her seriously and get going, be committed to my promise of weight loss (all my deadlines are way behind me now). Am doing another round of promise to myself.. let's see who wins, the ice-cream or the weighing machine.


SunnySmile said...

My vote goes for the weighing machine! Sree, get to it! Go on, join some exercise prog.... go for our aerobics thing at B Fit!! I just met two of my old exercise partners today and they are looking oh-so-trim! And these are middle-aged women who actually have to fight fat cos of a slowing metabolism. If they can do it, you can (and should) do it a hundred times better.
Come on, Sree, you owe it to yourself. See, if you were plump and you didn't care about your weight, that's great too! But you do want to lose it... so why wait for a change in circumstances! And don't let ANYTHING be an excuse stand in the way of getting fit!
I'll join you for all the shopping post-weight loss! :)

Sree said...

Armed, geared, ready for it.