May 28, 2010

I am The CoffeeCup writing

More than two years later and after 89 posts, I decide to rechristen myself. I am The CoffeeCup henceforth. When I decided to start a blog, I was more excited about the 'finding an interesting blogname' part. Naming always fascinated it for my dogs, my articles, my scribbles, or my son. Never have I been satisfied with the outcomes, either. With the blog too, I went through a lot of options. I don't quite remember how I zeroed in on this one but one thing's for sure, every brainstorming session was accompanied with a mug of coffee. In the 90 posts (this one included, obviously) very few have been penned without sips of coffee.
Coffee was a rather late discovery in my life. I survived fine for 20 years without coffee (save an occassional cup or so at some insistent host's home). They were, I later realised, disastrous versions of this oh-so-addictive drink. It's Chennai that introduced me to coffee. The city of 'filter coffee' or 'filtarr kaaphi' as they say it! Tiny steel glasses filled with steaming frothy coffee was placed inside a small bowl and given. You could pour it out onto the bowl to cool it and sip from it (traditionally that's what is done). The flavour was like none I had known: rich, strong (almost bitter), intense and intoxicating. The first glass and I knew I was in love.
Since then not a day (in my one year in Chennai) went by without a sip of filter coffee. It remains my first love in coffee, but others followed soon. The Cappuchinos, Mochachinnos and Espressos followed. I enjoyed most of them, but didn't quite take to flavour of Espresso. Well, now I am a caffeine addict! And I so love it. I believe people who haven't tried good coffee are definitely missing something in life. (Am sure we all have our favourite must-try things). I don't down cups and cups of coffee every day, it's just that if offered I can never say No. A bad day, a feel-good day, a pleasant surprise, a rainy day, a grey sky, a phone call from a dear one, memories, chit-chat with mom, lazy days, stressed & strained days...anything is a reason for me to get my hot, strong mug.

Somehow the coffee craze stopped with the blog name. When it came to a sign-off name I don't think I even gave it a thought before typing in a shortened and mostly-used version of my name. It was a boring thing to do, I now realise. I like change and those who've been reading me for a while would know how many times I've changed my template. Now it's a rechristening of myself (at least on the blog). The CoffeeCup girl is here, and am liking it. Perfect for the cloudy, misty, lazy weather that I've been waking up to these days.


Anne Kurian said...

The CoffeeCup!!! I love the name, the post and coffee. I have written a post and left it as I am not able to stop writing on coffee :-P But I shall post it soon, if possible tonight after finishing all my chores. My love affair with coffee started at a very young age and I still am smitten.
Cheers to coffee freaks like us!

The Coffee Cup said...

So true, you could just go on and on about the wonder called coffee. Definitely looking fwd to your longtime with coffee. And maybe if we do meet in real space, we could do it over a cup of great coffee!
Hey, the 'Memories' poem was very moving. Didn't quite know what to write. Just had me staring into the open space for a while.

SunnySmile said...

I am a Mochaccino girl. I love it under whatever pseudonym you serve it. At home, I have tried to get the cocoa effect by adding Hershey's chocolate syrup to my coffee or sprinkling cocoa powder on top. The results, while not disastrous, weren't exactly, serve-to-guests perfect! But I love the combo of coffee and chocolate in any manner that it's presented.
And yes, Sreeju, filter coffee is fantastic. I am sick of instant coffee and am thinking of buying an old-fashioned filter. What say?

The Coffee Cup said...

@SunnySmile: Try the Chocochino if you like the chocolaty-coffee flavour.It's awesome.
Filter coffee any day, every day. Go for it, but just make sure you get a good, rich coffee powder. Next time I visit you, it's a strong filter coffee or a homemade mochachinno for me. What say!

anubhuti said...

Hey Coffee Cup! its khoffi!khoffi!khoffi! all the way. can't imagine the day without it. By the way loved your correlation of coffee with cloudy, misty, lazy weather. I believe that's absolutely almost without a doubt what comes to mind when one hears coffee.
Loved your blog, will definitely stick around for more... :)

The Coffee Cup said...

@Anubhuti: Thanks. Am glad you enjoyed reading it. See coffee can bring so many of us together. Truly, a lot can happen over coffee.
Hope you do enjoy the blog and do write in your comments too. And hey hope to read more on your blog too.