June 17, 2008


Dogs... what's it about them that make them oh-so-adorable!! I have had three dogs in the past near-30 years of my life. And I've loved every moment with them. The moment they leave, though, is very painful to recover. I remember how I was off school for couple of days after my dear Teddy passed away. I was an 8th class student and many of my friends considered me insane to be weeping over my 'furry' loss. It's a feeling hard to explain. Then a couple of years later Bruno came into our lives... a black bundle of boundless energy and everything that described disobedience!!! As always I was off to college, dad off to office, leaving my mom to handle the four-legged naughty. And the bond they shared was amazing. She was never expressive about it, and often made her intolerance very obvious. But my mom loved Bruno, and there was no hiding that. Bruno, too, held her very dear to his heart. Eight years later, he left us. This time, I was away in another city, enjoying my days of freedom. But the news shattered me. And my mom swore she would not keep another dog. But I haven't gotten over my love for dogs.... and still yearn for the companionship of one. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I am a single child. All my growing up years, I have shared my woes, worries, excitements, crushes, heartbreaks... with my dogs. They were patient listeners and extremely comforting. My husband too loves dogs, though he never had a chance to own one. We've all tried to convince mom to let us keep one, but she gives a firm 'no'. Living in a flat denies us the pleasure, b'coz for some weird reasons most apartments are declared "No-pet zones". Never understood the logic behind this heartless rule. Two years into our marriage and we were still trying to convince mom, and this time she said: "First a kid, and only then a dog." Don't know if that was reason enough for us to start thinking about the option seriously, but anyhow we did and we succeeded. Six months into my pregnancy I am still trying to talk mom into buying a dog. And this time she says: "Only after the baby comes and he/she is at least 3 months old." And so the wait continues... and this time I sure hope she doesn't put out more conditions. I have had a great learning experience and joyous time growing up with my lovely pets and I want my baby to experience the same pleasure. And aptly so, the book i just read was 'Marley & Me' and it only made me realise even more as to what I was missing out in life. For all those who think a dog's a burden, people you don't know what you're missing on. If you're ready for a commitment, get yourself a dog. It's worth it!!!

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