June 6, 2008

Renewal time

I was all thrilled about starting my own blog, but as with most of my initiatives, this enthusiasm too died down soon. After the initial couple of entries, I gave up. So much so that I couldnt even remember the name of my blog!!! Now with no regular work at hand, and loads of free time, am back to blogging. And this time I am committed to it. (yeah rite!!). It's quite amazing how all fell into place for me. I quit my job a few months ago and the very next month found out that i was on my way to motherhood. Didnt know if it was excitement of fear that first popped into my list of emotions. After the discomforts of the initial months, now I can honestly say it's a great feeling. I do enjoy this experience and am even growing a bit impatient. This was enough reason for me to decide to work from home. And again after the enthusiasm of the initial months, laziness crept in. Travel troubles... hunger pangs... all overtook my will to work. Here I am now, at home, with just occasional works to do. It does get quite b-ooo-r-r-r-ing, esp wen ur home alone (not a very exciting option for a person like me who loves to chat). Add to it the constant hunger.... Anyone who can send me easy-t0-make and yummy-to-it recipes are welcome. Interestingly, in the past few months I have grown very attached and dependent on my mom. Me, who always wanted to be on my own and stay away from my city, now finds most relief in her company. Is it something to do with my own transition to motherhood. My parents have been away for 3 weeks now, and from the second day they were gone, I was yearning for their return. A feeling I've rarely (or almost never) experience before. But am too shy or too embarrassed to admit this to my mom. One of the main drives that got me to renew my blog. :)

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