June 13, 2008

All that glitters!!!

The gold rush... There is constant talk abt the highest ever rate of gold. But walk into any jewellery outlet in kochi, and it sure seems like prices are at an all-time low. Y'day I went into a renowned jewellery shop in kochi and could hardly find a salesperson and even wen i found one, she could hardly hear me over the chitter-chatter of the huge crowd of people. And for all of you who already have a grin that says: "so what were u doing there, doing a thesis on hallmark procedure?". Well, me had to find a cute little chain that would stay wrapped around my neck, all day.... courtesy the many many many people who are concerned about me walking around bare-necked!!! (That's another debatable topic in itself). And of course I am one of those who thinks that I've got a great bargain if I have old or broken jewellery to exchange. Coz you get a new piece of glitter, u give them some old and faded piece and they even pay u back excess money. Wow!! Back to my point. A majority of the gold-diggers were wedding 'parties' (as they are often termed). It's sad to see that many of them were struggling to meet the 'gold quota' that the wedding demanded. Whether u can afford it or not, people feel they need to satisfy the so-called 'general practise' of flaunting jewels. Beg, borrow, steal...but shine and glitter u must on ur wedding day. Ah!! When will people learn to give up age-old customs and live according to their abilities.

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