April 9, 2010

Lingerie is in....the 'inner' style

Now that am at chaddi tales and lacy panties, let me share one more "inner" story. I was watching a fashion-awareness show on TV the other day. Here was this anchor lady, perfectly dressed in (what she claimed was) the style of the season. In a voice that sounded more sleepy than sexy, more robotic than refreshing...she went on to educate me (and all other viewers, of course) on what's cool this summer. How to beat the heat with your style, how to  to look hot in cool clothes and what's 'IN' and what's NOT this season.
Out walked a model displaying the first trend of the season. I can't update you on the style coz I wasn't listening much either...a growing waistline isn't the best figures to flaunt.Many more followed, and then suddenly I was up watching, and listening when the guy (whom they call their in-house fashion consultant) announced that 'lingerie is in'. Gosh...when did it go out of style, anyways. This is what happens when you don't have your regular dose of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire of Feminas. Here I was still being loyal to it, never having known that I was actually doing a fashion faux pas. Or did they mean that lingerie was "in" as in "inside". Wasn't it always meant to be in, except if you were Superman! He (Not Superman silly, the fashion consultant) went on to add: 'lingerie is in, and can be worn inside or out' teaming it right to create the right effect. As far as my information goes, lingerie has just one basic purpose, and effect.
Looks like there's a lot I need to catch up on. Am truly fashion-challenged my dears. So forgive me my sins if am caught with my lingerie in, when its actually out. I need to make note of the times when the 'Trying to be Sexy lady and the Girly guy fashion consultant' comes on TV to flaunt the latest in style and trend. I'll keep you posted if I find something exciting, and meanwhile please keep me informed about what's in and what's not. For now, let me rush to do some lingerie shopping and create the right effect.


mathen said...

whatever happened to women's liberation and burning the bra?
i always thought women doing away with the upper lingerie symbolized their 'liberation' from being mere sex objects.
so women should not be ashamed of sagging breasts, bulging waistlines and over sized hips. flaunt them if you want to.

Sree said...

@Math: Burning the Bra generation is passe. Today they flaunt it..in style and in keeping with trends.
Of course with today's cosmetic advances, no bras don't exactly translate to breasts that kiss your waist.
A lil extra money and a day under the knife can leave you with the perfect 10s for life.
About me..I definitely enjoy vanity. No apologies.

mathen said...

What about men's underwear?
Recently I purchased a 'branded' underwear. Quite expensive too. I'm used to wearing underwear with the label inside and at the back. This one had had the label outside in front!
Am I supposed to wear this outside my pants - like superman???