April 6, 2010

Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha....who really cares!

Sania Mirza was first the Sports Page girl...the smart girl from a conservative community in Hyderabad who stormed the tennis circuit and made the Indian presence strong. Tennis being the glam sport that it is, Sania was soon seen on Page 3. When sports wasn't keeping her in news, her dressing, link-ups and anything the media could dish up gave Sania the Page 3-girl tag.
Today, she's on Page 1, lead story. We would have loved it if she was up there smiling at us with a Grand Slam Trophy in hand or doing us proud being the World No 1 or anything that 'sportingly' would do India proud. Coz isn't that the reason Sania Mirza is news today. She's chased, written about, lured into controversies, clicked, captured in the best and worst...all because tennis shot her to fame.
Unfortunately, Sania doesn't seem to have much time for tennis these days. Injuries, controversies...Sania'z got her hands full. A much-hyped engagement to a childhood friend, which was later called off citing 'incompatibility' (what would so many of us do without this word). Then came the 'breaking news: Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik to tie the knot.
The reactions came fast and furious too. The first I saw came from my dad, a very knowing smirk that meant 'Didn't she find anyone else other than this ass?'. My mom joined in, not aware who this guy was. SOon she was educated. Shoaib Malik was a Pakistani cricket player who has been banned by the PCB and so is relatively free now. My husband was quick to add a list of superlatives to further detail Shoaib Malik's character. He (my husband) admired the yesteryear Pakistani cricket of Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Aquib Javed....and equally hates the current crop of cricketers. This explains the rather brutal outburst at Shoaib Malik.

The media was up and busy and reactions poured in from many ends. The strongest and loudest came from this girl Ayesha Siddique who claimed to have had married Malik afew years ago. She and her family had brought up this issue earlier too. I, for one, am not the kind who follows conventions/traditions. In fact I am rooted to rebelliion, I would say. A second marriage, a divorce, extra marital relations, single mother, these aren't things that shock me or things that I would hold against people. But things have to be clean and clear. A mess is a mess is a mess and only messes up life and relationships further.

Either this girl Ayesha ought to be bonkers to be chasing this Malik Man about a 'nikah' which he, his family and now Sania claims never happened. Or Malik should be an absolute jerk to be playing smart with 2 girls. But then again, we don't expect someone like Sania--who's travelled the world on her own, interacted with people from all over, planned her own career and worked for it, spoken sensibly to the media and handled her life and career rather boldly--to be trapped in a rather filmy love triangle.

Whatever the truth behind the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha game, for now the media has a lot to keep them busy. The whole thing's playing out almost like a scene straight out of a movie. For me, I find it rather disgusting and whether the game ends on a love-all or a double-fault I really don't care.

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