April 28, 2010

For the kisses & kicks...love you all

Logged in to write a thought that popped up after a chat with a good friend earlier in the day. But as is my ritual, I had to check out the other blogs I follow and enjoy reading, and I found a post that had me all emotional. The writer of the blog is not a friend/acquaintance but can't call her stranger (at least not anymore). I know her through her blog, which I find extremely enjoyable. A few comments on couple of her posts made sure we were no longer strangers. In fact we even referred to each other as soulmates, after some of our gourmet etiquettes were found to be embarassingly similar.
This is not about my new-found blog friend, but about a post written by her. An email from a friend from the past and a phone call to the same friend inspired her to pen the post. Once again I found so much of me in her words, in the post, in the emotions described. My best, strongest, craziest and most intimate friendships are from school and college. I still cherish them, hold them close my heart. I know that even if we haven't had time (or made the effort) to catch up on each other or haven't managed to make it for each other's special days or didn't call up the last time he/she was here in town...nothing will change. One phone call, one meeting is all it takes to bring back the same emotions, same joy, same fondness that we shared years ago.
We still find ourselves welcoming each other with a thumping back-slap or hi-fi or the 'beep' words and soon we are rattling off about the good times: the inter-house culturals, the Holi celebrations which had us suspended, the sip-ups and ice-sticks from the canteen, the combined study sessions, movie outings, birthday treats, affairs (some survived, some died a sad death while some celebrated the end), teachers, gossip, exercusions and so much more. School, college and its memories fill the conversations, leaving no space or time for anything else.
We have a hearty laugh at the many fights, arguments we had over things that now seem silly, rag each other about the stupidities we've done, regretted over fights that cost us our friendship, and then laughed and laughed over our old photographs--the dance costumes, the farewell parties, the fashion shows, the Onam/Christmas celebrations, Union elections...
I could pick one friend after another and go on about the wonderful moments we shared. The infamous gangs we had in school, college and even today in our lives. Somewhere along we became professionals and met more people, made new friends, lived great times, shared laughter, tears (and bottles of Bacardi Breezers and Vodkas). Sometimes we sense a feeling of oneness after barely a hello or sometimes even without it. In my last organisation, I had developed a feeling of familiarity and friendship with my neighbour-colleague even before I met her. She was on her maternity leave while I joined. From day one, I had people telling me how similar I was to Her: my loud laughter, one-track mind that often steered to the dirty track, my wild manners, don't care sense of dressing, and guess what we both are Leos, both our husbands are Scorpios. By the time she was back to work (almost 4 months after I joined) we were already buddies. From neighbours at office, we soon became neighbours outside office too. I believe it's just a feeling that hits off a relationship. I am happy about every one of them I have and I love each of them.
Cheers to the many people who've made my life special in their own ways with their kisses and kicks. Thanks to Anne, my blogger friend, for taking me down this trip.
Any interesting/funny/emotional friendship tales to share? 

P.S: I have not mentioned any names for there are too many people who have taken over my heart, mind and soul. Someday I'll do a series on each of you. For now...luvya, missya..muahhh.

Just so that I don't forget what I originally wanted to write on, am leaving a hint hint here 'Concern Vs Curiosity'.


SunnySmile said...

Yeah, isn't it strange how we just hit it off with some people! It's almost like a bond from another lifetime. No names but I recognised every single person. Tee hee! I know you want to whack me and I believe I don't get any prizes for guessing either.
It's fascinating, the ease with which we just enter and exit our good friends' lives at will, picking up threads and fitting into the groove without ever feeling out of place.
I think it's time for another girls' lunch out or some similar mad caper. Let's go! Itty's has great gelatos. :)
PS I love you, too!

Sree said...

@SunnySmile: Funny to be addressing you so, but that's exactly what you bring in..bright smiles. And babes absolutely no points for guessing.
Yes, high time we had another crazy outing. Itty's it is, then...will fix up time/date too.
Cheers to all the mad people who've our lives more fun and more crazy.

Journomuse said...

Sometimes just a shared moment of remembrance or smile is all that you need to give the friendships in life...Its so easy to have friends in your life, they make life so interesting and much lighter..:) Nice post, sree

Sree said...

@Journo: Absolutely journo. A smile, a hug, and sometimes a hard kick from friends is all it takes to get you back into life full-on. I can remember nights spend crying on their shoulders over love-lost, when life turned messy, and then laughing over the very same stupidities with the same friends, over food and wine and lots of fun.
Those were the days!!!

Anne Kurian said...
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Anne Kurian said...

Sree...that was such a touching post and I am sorry for not responding earlier. Actually I did, but then the whole comment got mysteriously deleted when I clicked on the publish button. Was furious. But had to comment. So came back today and read your post all over again. Honestly, sometimes it's no wonder that we prefer friends over relatives. Despite the 'blood is thicker...' quote, there are some relationships that always are stronger than the ones within our family.
I absolutely enjoyed your post...in fact it was a blast from the past! Took me all the way back to Pre-degree and Law College days. Oh god! the gangs!! Didn't we think we were so important? And that we had the best gangs?
Sigh...sometimes I wish someone had captured it all on video cam for us to replay today.
I guess I don't have to tell you that Sumi is a fantastic friend. And going by your post, I know you are an awesome one yourself :-) glad we connected!
Thanks a lot for this lovely post!

Sree said...

@Anne: It's really amazing how we just strike friendship and close bonds with ppl we've rarely met (or maybe never) and still find a comfort zone in them, with them. It just happens and is there to stay, through thick n thin, tears n laughter.
I find myself often flipping through my old albums that instantly takes me back in time. The days when we'd end up sharing one lime juice (with 5-6 straws), split one burger amongst all and bring out the notes and numerous coins to settle the bill. Movies, where we hooted, clapped and even danced.
Years later, we are all miles apart, busy in our own lives...often too caught up for regular hi-hellos. But still I know that one phone call from any of them would have be go chatter chatter with just the same joy and spirit.
Definitely enjoying knowing you and having found a new friend. Cheers!

Abhi said...

Just wanted to note another good writeup. With close friends from our past and college/school times; it is funny how even after the longest time gap and losing in touch, you can pick up where you left of like was yesterday and still share that bond and reminisce on old times.

(Reading more of your blog, you have done a good job writing interesting, thoughtful posts. I have added to my reading list.)

Sree said...

@Abhi: Thanks again! Friends...they make life easier, happier, fuller and definitely crazier. It's one relationship that forms the basis for all other. Cheers to all the great buddies and the bond of friendship!!!
Nice to know you're enjoying some of my random thoughts.