December 21, 2009

And you call them little....

Had a fun weekend. It started on a not-so-fun note..with me single-handedly trying to pacify a cranky child, who pretended like he hadn't seen the human species since his birth. A good night's sleep, however, had him wake up fresher, happier. Lovely room, great ambience, a nice pool, and the company of ol' friends were the highs. Jokes from the past, newer ones, arguments, chit-chats...more holiday plans, guys v/s girls..and lot more. The lows were many too: exorbitantly priced room and food, tasteless menu with no signs of variety, hot, humid weather, a bunch of mischievous kids, and too little time. Amidst the lows, we managed to make the most of the highs. Exhausted by the end of it, we mothers swore not to do another trip until these little ones are big enough to take care of themselves and behave like more civilised lot rather than a bunch who just landed from the Moon and is finding thrill in exploring every bit of the new world. Pulling at the table lamps, accessories, tugging at the bath towels, showers, etc, doing their bit at landscaping the room and pool, enjoying a meal by themselves (which means spreading the items onto the table and floor, making sure more goes onto the floor than into their mouth, screaming and howling at any attempt to make things easier for them, etc). Whew!! Just mentioning it tires me...but these kids are still up and active and ready for more. As much as I hate to see my child competing for the Mr.Cranky crown and doing a great job of taking out his 'worst behaviour', I am still game for more holidays...more time with friends...more conversation..more wining and dining.

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