December 30, 2009

Thank You, Welcome

A little more than 24 hours marks the end of year 2009. The fireworks and lights at midnight of Dec 31 marks the start of 2010. How in the fun of welcoming the NEW YEAR, we often forget the year bygone. The 12 months, 365 days, which gave us reasons to smile, to celebrate, to succeed, to rejoice, to cry, to cherish. Days to be grateful for, friends to be thankful for. And with good wine, great food and colorful fireworks we leave those days behind. We are in the spirit of ushering in the New Year. A year we don't yet know, a year of more uncertainty, a year of surprises maybe, or shocks even! But we still come together to welcome 2010, with not a word or thought for the months gone by. Since Christmas, I have been looking forward to joining the celebration of New Year. I did a quick stock-taking of this year and I was left with more tears than smiles. For some reason I decided to brand it the 'unlucky' year. Of course there were moments of non-stop laughter, reasons to celebrate, days of absolute bliss....but somehow it seems like every smile was topped with a layer of grim. But I am glad I lived it, I experienced it, 'coz it taught me new lessons, new realities. It taught me to be my own strength, to have faith in one's self, taught me the importance of loving selflessly. I don't know if I have learnt these lessons well enough to make it part of my routine. I hope so. Today, I wish I had lived the days to its best...wish I had enjoyed the moments in its every sense, wish I had lived a FULLER year. This is exactly what I hope to do in the coming year and the years ahead. Live The Moment To Its Fullest. I am not making plans or resolutions. I'll go with the flow, and accept every surprise, every hurdle, every high, every low that comes my way. Today, I am WISER. I know my faults, I accept it. I know others have faults, I accept it too. That makes life much easier and happier. There are things I want to. Things I had put away out of sheer laziness. Am not making a To-do list 'coz I already have piles of pending ones. When I finally do it, I'll write a 'thank you note' to myself and my inner self. Today, I am HOPEFUL. Hopeful for myself and people around me. Hopeful that I play my role of mother, wife, daughter, friend, professional and the many other relations, with full honesty and happiness. It's the little things that pave way for bigger joys. A smile, a hug, a thank you, a sorry, or just being there makes a DIFFERENCE. Cheers to a New Beginning, a Happier Start, a More Meaningful Life.

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