December 13, 2009

The home decor bug

I am bitten by the 'Home Improvement' and'Better Homes' and 'Good HouseKeeping' bug. I just can't seem to keep my hands and mind off magazines and pictures and thoughts focusing on home decor, pretty DIY tips (though some don't seem so doable yourself) and peeks into homes of the rich and famous, and the smart and thoughtful. It all started almost a year ago with a couple of my friends moving into/designing their new homes. Each one was a stunner in its own way and the ideas had been "Wowing" and "Awwing". I would tell them all...that one day when I have a place I would hire their services. Of course that day is still far away...though I am hoping to move under a new (but far from my ideal) roof sometime next year. Every session in front of the computer is incomplete without at least one google for furniture, kitchen designs, paints, etc. Even right now I have a search window on wicker furniture! Curtains...paints...tiles...all excite me to the point of turning me on. Now comes the time for another dear friend-cum-neighbour to plan the look of her new home. She'll be neighbour no more after another 2-3 months (hopefully they'll get their keys sooner, it's been a long wait). It's sad to think I'll miss someone whose door I could knock or actually just barge into for green chillies or coffee powder or milk or even dinner/lunch. A door that draws my son like a magnet...for he loves the company the lil princess there and loves the pampers of my friend. Not to mention the many accessories, curios, toys and books he loves to mess with. The exciting part, though, is that she's getting a warm, pretty abode of her own. Just watching them scour through shops/magazines/brochures/exhibitions,etc gives me a high. Am always nagging her with queries or suggestions on furniture, fabric, design, decor.... I'm eager to see another house of walls and floors be converted into a home of colour, warmth and love.


SunnySmile said...

Just as much as I anticipate moving to my new place, it's always with a heart that's both light and heavy at the same time. Is that even possible? If I were reading it in a mag or a story I wouldn't have believed it! But it is true... I am so excited with the idea of new beginnings but also so sad at leaving so much behind.
I will so miss dropping in to your flat after dropping Ditu, ostensibly to sit with Aashu... but then bcos he's sleeping, we end up yapping. And before I know it, it's 10.30! :)
I will miss the joy of being able to treat our two flats as extensions of the same home; walking out one door and in the other!
Oh, and I don't even want to think of those times when I can't see Aashu for days on end. No more seeing him in his oh-so-cute PJs; and no more of him seeing me in my near-tatters nightwear!
At least we are still in the same city! We must strengthen our resolve to catch up more often. More ladies lunches, more girls and kids time out...
Oh, now I'm in maudlin mode...

Oh, we are still neighbours in Farmville! :D

Sree said...

No wonder our partners (just can't come to terms with the usage of husband or even worse 'better half') are amazed at our technology-driven/dependent communication. We claim to so miss being neighbours and being just a floor away, but we still do our gossiping, chatting, and now shoulder-crying over the Internet or mobile. :)