May 4, 2010

A little smiley came knocking...

A little yellow smiley visited me this morning and has been by my side ever since. In the form of phone calls from a dear one, messages from crazy friends, chit-chat time with mommy, sharing love and laughter with my little one, a book, a haunting song, moving words, some harmless flirting, playing chef and enjoying my many moods, many forms, many names...the smiley gave me moments to laugh, rejoice and experience.
Whoever send her to you and thank you. Smiling at your self helps you smile at others too, being happy with yourself keeps people around you happy too.

It's been a pleasant smiley day made happier by people I love, care for, admire and love with a passion. All I miss is having a dog to cuddle, who'd welcome me with a wagging tail and running his dirty paws over me and rubbing his wet nose on my face. The one pleasure I miss. Bow..Wow!!!


SunnySmile said...

Treasure that smiley! Keep nurturing it, and inevitably your days will become brighter.

Sree said...

Am learning the trick slowly!!!