July 17, 2009

Age of Picassa

Old photos are a sure way to laugh out loud. Top of the list is my parents' wedding album...my mom looking every bit the shy, coy bride and jealously slim and very very pretty. (There's something about b/w photos, just makes one look so ethereal and beautiful). And by her side is my dad (see..am already grinning:) with long hair, curled in at the end, huge think black-framed spectacles and a serious meets shy smile. They made such a cute picture. And the rest of the family...can't exactly find words to describe the attires, looks and appearances. Most of my uncles and aunts look like they've been starved since birth. The fashion mantra: tight shirts with broad sleeves, 2 flaired breast pockets, tighter than the tightest pair of pants, the curls and the specs complete the fashion accessory. For the ladies-- polka dots or loud prints in skirts and saris (mind u...the saris are more transparent than glass), slick oily pony tails or braids put on one side, huge bindis (which I just looooooovvee), danglers (see fashion keeps repeating) and the eye-liners.
My next favourite are my school snaps. Almost 20 years later it still manages to transport me back to the benches of Toc-H. We all look so weird and dumb with our dresses and mannerisms. Some have changed beyond recognition.... These photos are such a treasure.
Now college days, which is more of fun, friends, fashion. The 'gangs' doing crazy stuff, striking funny poses, trying to be cool..etc.. But all was fun and totally crazy. We'd click ourselves at most outings we went and the trips we did...make a fool of ourselves everywhere and let the whole place know that we're here.
Then once we had 'grown up' and 'moved out' to do our own thing...basically work... it was another life. All of us staying together and having a blast whenever we could find time together. The occassional photo shoots would be there....with us in our shabbiest worst or at times dressed for the ramp!
Now, 4 years into marriage and almost a year into motherhood, whenever I want photos my husband tells me: "It's all in the computer." Welcome to the digital age. Sure enough it's much easier and fuss-free to use the digital camera, even gives you the option to work on yourself and adjust the flaws. But hey, a CD or a computer drive doesn't really take me down memory lane. I still need a print in my hand to feel the image. Seeing Ayush smiling at me from the computer is fine, but holding his smile in my hand feels even better. Hey c'mon...when you just wanna rewind to earlier days you can't always run to the comp or the laptop...aren't albums much easier and warmer.
Why am I writing this? I just read in the papers that Kodak has decided to stop manufacture of a certain brand of their film b'coz of low sales. People no longer use rolls, it's all digital. Somewhere even I am contributing to this 'low sales' coz I too use a digital cam. But at least I still believe in keeping prints and maintaing albums...not just picassa but the real albums.. Those that come with a lil girl smiling at you or a bunch of roses on the cover.

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