July 4, 2009

On a Chocolaty break

Coffee, Chocolates, Chilly winds, good Company, great Conversation... the many C's that make my life worth living and enjoyable. To give up any of this is quite a task. I did coffee a break for a while...and I thought if I can survive without coffee and I can survive anywhere. Then it was the turn of the gooey, yummy chocolate. Off it went from my menu for a loong looong time...and I survived. Chilly winds are a sometimes-in-a-year luxury...I manage to pull thru the extreme summers too. Now for good company and great conversation....happens once in a while and then it's an absolute Riot. :)
I always wonder...how could anyone not fall in love with the aroma of coffee and not relish the chocolatiness of chocolates. I pity them all...they no not what they're missing in life. Here I am, once again trying to keep my hands off from my chocolatey temptations. Pastries...bar chocolates...miss me. Or will they?
There's always a last time...and this weekend will be my binge break. And then I go on a 'Cocoa break'.

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