July 7, 2009

Beware, the budget's here

Can anyone explain the budget to me pls? Since I started working (as a journo), everytime Budget Day nears I started panicking. How do I handle it? I never quite understand the whole Budget presentation. There were live Budget discussions, interactions and we had to meet industrialists, businessmen, corporate people and get their views. I would be so clueless on what to ask... Once in the print media, I was told that Budget should always be written with a capital 'B'. (Guess it shows the significance of this process....I thought and felt stupid that I was still ignorant about it.)
The nexy morning's papers were my saviours. Most papers would have this 'Cheaper'-'Costlier' column stating what prices have gone up and what's gone down. That gave me a lil idea...enough to be part of budget discussions next day at office or around the family dining table or among friends. Mayb that's how most people got an understanding of the Bible called Budget, but at least they are better at pretending they 'know it all' while I continue to have this 'what the hell's happening' look.

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