July 6, 2009

Kya Kambakth film hai!

I haven't been too regular at the movies since my son came by...but I still try and keep myself updated about the releases and its reviews. The name 'Kambakth Ishq' didnt sound too impressive to me and I wasn't particulalry eager to watch it. But New York and Love Aaj Kal topped my list. I still did read the review of KI (tats hows people refer to it on FB). And was I shocked or what?
Akshay's a Hollywood stuntman and Kareena's a surgeon by day and supermodel by night (quite a combo). Our man is every woman's dream and our lady thinks men are not worth the time! (y the exclamation...I don't know).
Our man comes under the knife of our model-surgeon and guess what....she forgets a watch inside his tummy. Mayb it's her way of getting back at the 'male' lot. Whatever! And our lady then tries to seduce mr.bravo so that he doesn't sue her for this extra lil that she did for him. Am already exhausted. How could any sane person think of a story like this...well can't even call it a story. It's good enuf as a bedtime tale to put a lil one to sleep. Hmmm..mayb I shud try it once Ashu's a old enuf for stories. And he'd probably start asking me questions like: "What watch was it, ma?", "So how did he know the time?" etc...
When I did ask a friend who was brave or stupid enuf to watch the film, she said "You can watch it for the kisses...lots of them'. Now how's that for an answer to 'how's the film?'. And then she adds "It's a one-time watch". Can't believe anyone would want to watch such a horrendously stupid movie more than once....even once is quite a brave act!
Am just hoping my hopes of Love Aaj Kal doesn't end in a similarly shockking manner.

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