July 9, 2009

Dress codes and weddings

Weddings always scare me. Be it mine or any other soul. Mine...it was done with 4 years ago and so far it's just been a one-time 'bridely' experience. And you just have to 'be the bride', the rest is all taken care of. Parents don't mind plsurging money on you..clothes...jewellery..etc..etc.., the best beautician is there to dress you up, your friends are around to help you go through it all. Anyways that's done.
Being a guest at weddings is worse. Weddings can me categorised as friends, family and the miscellaneous. Friends's weddings are cool...full of fun and you so look forward to it. You decide what you gonna wear, and you can tell ur mom to please stay outta the 'deciding style n wardrobe' process. But when it comes to family weddings, it's horrible. Even that is divided...my immediate family, my husband's family and so on. My mom comes up with these absurd reasonings for her suggestions. And every wedding we both will be arguing as we leave home and I'll have a huge big frown and she won't be talking to me...and it's the same story almost every time. Me's never been too enthu about (gold) jewellery and never the chain person either. Mom says: "There will be a lot of elderly poeple at the wedding...so do wear a chain." Elderly people and chain....what do they have in common? All this logic goes over my head or most honestly I chose to let it go over my head and ears. Today was one such day and I know there are many more to come.... Oh wedding invites, please ignore my post box and thesedays inbox too.

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