July 1, 2009

Food notes

Eat to live and not live to eat. But at times, I just can't resist. The hunger pangs began with my pregnancy, was with me thru the 9 months, and post delivery and then I kinda got addicted to it. I would just eat and eat, and keep telling myself that 'I'm hungry'. A trip to a jeans outlet gave me a rude shock. My waistline was the largest I've ever had and worse, this brand didnt keep female jeans beyond a certain measure. And of course I was way up their mark!
Shocked and totally devastated I vowed to cut down on my food. I did it, too. People started noticing the difference and I was quite elated with myself. I did do the occassional binges but now looks like binges are becoming routine and controlled diet is a visitor. One new hotel opens and I need to check out the place. For the past 2 nights I've been fulfilling my stomach's urges (or is it all in the mind)!
I have a deadline and a target in mind. No wonder diet, no regular calorie-burning session, no cutting down on sweet and chatpata urges.....but hopefully I'll still get there.

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