May 22, 2010

Amazing, amusing world of dreams

Dreams...always fascinated me.I never really knew how it felt to have a dream or never quite understood how one could have conversations, meet people and go through pain/joy while sleeping. I don't remember having a dream until very late in life (I was almost 20 when I had my first dreamy night). I was always amused when classmates and friends shared their dreams, spoke about the fun things they did in their dreams, the lovely people they met and some depressing dreams as well. I listened intently, and waited for my first dream.

When it happened, am not sure I even realised it. Did I wake up in the morning with that wide smile of having finally fulfilled my dream (pun intended)? Am not sure. I don't remember the dream either. That was only a beginning. Ever since, I have had many many dreamy nights. There have been times when I've woken up talking, or laughing aloud, and in one particularly disturbing instance woke up crying and shivering. Dreams often seem so real, like it's there and you're living in the moment. I have often jumped up wondering if I spoke too loud and if my secret would be out, or did I ruin the surprise by blurting it out aloud!

I haven't had the kind of dreams I've read in books or watched in films...where you come across a face you've seen in your dream, or lived a moment that had appeared in your dream. No such magical or mystical dreams...but yes there have been dreams I wished were true. I've met people I longed to meet, I've had conversations I've longed to have, visited places that I wished to. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to record our dreams.

Have you had any particularly interesting dream? I'd love to hear about it. Let's have some fun.


Reshma said...

How many, ask me! I must be one of those who have the weirdest of dreams (I am trying to convince myself that it is the result of my very fertile and active imagination ;)) One dream i have had more than once is that I have committed a bank robbery. Don't ask me why - the realization dawns on me only when i see police cars going around with their alarms on (like in Hollywood movies) and hear someone say that a bank has been robbed - and i realize it is I who have done it. And then I am like "WHY WHY WHY did i do that?" And I realise it is stupid to try hiding the booty and decide it is better to surrender. Thankfully, on both occasions, I have woken up at this point. Trust me, the immense relief to know it is a dream surpasses anything! And guess what - now I know that I will NEVER ever loot a bank. ;)

Sree said...

Bank robbery? You manage to pull it off and then you don't know why u did it in the first place. Wow. Am liking this. Any more such fun pieces?

The Scatterbrain said...

me and dreams and lived hand in hand from birth!!!

I dream every night, and I even remember some really fun/scary and sometimes even ordinary dreams from my childhood. My dad's a psychiatrist and so at the breakfast table, i would always share my dreams... not for analysis, but just because he felt it was healty. I love my dreams however bizzare they are! And yes, i talk/laugh /sometimes cry and even send SMS's in my sleep!!!