May 6, 2010

My family rocks!

I have often been asked: "Do you miss having a sibling?" The answer is YES by all means. I have always felt a sense of loneliness, missed having a brother/sister to fight with, share things with, have fun with...and whatever else comes with it. Many a times I've heard people say: "Oh he is so difficult and adamant. He doesn't adjust at all. It's because he's been the only child and had it his way always." OR "She doesn't mingle with anyone, always stays aloof and quiet. This is what happens if you grow up alone, with no brothers or sisters."

I believe that growing up as a single child pushes you to either of the two extremes: an absolute introvert or a total extrovert. Me falls in the latter, and no one would dispute sure! I can't remember when friends and friendships first entered my life, but they were here to stay. I enjoy being with people, love company and always had a huge bunch of friends. I remember my school days, if my parents or anyone said a word negative about my friends, I would be fuming with anger. I didn't know the depth or true essence of friendship then. For me fun meant friends, laughter meant time with friends and if I was down and low, I would again run to friends. Over the years I started respecting, admiring and appreciating my friends a lot more and shared a special bond with each of them. I still do.

In the midst of all this, I somehow ignored family. Family functions, family visits, time with relatives...none of this pleased me. I would turn grumpy at the very mention of it. Spending time with relatives at my ancestral home was never my idea of fun. My heart would still be with my friends, munching popcorn and clapping inside a theatre, or downing ice-creams or just roaming the streets.

Today, more than a decade later, I have begun to appreciate and admire my family too. Does it have to do with my 'motherhood' status. Well, I don't know. One thing I do know is that motherhood has definitely made me respect, admire, appreciate and adore my mother more than ever. The feeling's now spread to the rest of my family too: uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins and the little ones. Why this sudden love for family! Well, we had a family get together at my mother's maternal home. Almost every member of the family made it to the two-day function. Their spirit and happiness was indeed contagious. I was definitely excited about it, but they were all ecstatic about it.

A few hours with them, and I realised how simple they all are. It's so easy to make them smile and brighten their day. Just walk up to them with a smile, give a warm hug, say hello...and see the sparkle in their teary eyes. They don't make such people any more: simple, straight forward, honest, innocent and full of love. From the youngest member to the oldest, each shared the same spirit, energy and joy in making the day special for all.

Memories of the days bygone, tales from the was a nostalgic trip. We payed respects to our dear departed ones and welcomed the new members. Every word spoken, every story told, every experience shared, every photo shown...had millions of memories attached to it, and stirred a thousand emotions in each of us. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride for all: smiling one moment, teary eyed the very next moment, suddenly bursting into loud laughters and again slipping into an emotional silence. The effort behind compiling the rare and precious moments from our lives and giving us a chance to once again wallow in those memories needs to be lauded.

The two days went by laughing, smiling, playing games, sharing memories, tears and joys...leaving us all with a heavy heart and happy mind. It was time to say g'bye and we left with a promise to come back here again, next year. I am looking forward to being with my family yet again...very soon...And I hope to make up for the years I missed, spread more smiles and love them more.

My family rocks!!!


SunnySmile said...

Lovely, Sreeju! Am sure glad you had such a great time with family. Going forward, I think it's up to us to recreate this atmosphere of love for our little ones. Which is why I try to keep up with all of Abhi's cousins. (To those who don't know us: Abhi is an only child married to the elder of two happy-mad sisters and is often bewildered by our extended family telegraph system.)
On some days, I think I would love to have three to four kids just so that my kids and their kids can enjoy the fun of having a large, yet close-knit, family. On other days, good sense prevails and I kiss goodbye to romantic notions, preferring instead to hope that Ditu will gel well with her second cousins or that my sister will oblige us by having 2-3 kids herself!

Journomuse said...

Count your blessings and then make them count for your family..:) I know I'm grateful that I have a great family...nice post

Sree said...

@Sunnysmile: I'd love to have a house full of kids too. Never quite enjoyed the silence during my growing up days. But now the screams of just one little one has me down with a hopefully I will get sensible and settle for less. But kids really need family time and a great family to bond and to love and have some fun.
@Deeps: Absolutely gonna make my family smile more...and the reason being me :)

Rohini said...

Sumi and sree, one more to the gang won't hurt i'm sure.
u know the joy sumi, don't deny ur child that...
n u know the pain sree, don't let ur kid go thru the same...

Sree said...

@Roh: You don't give up, do you? I still have that little birdie you send Savs and me, inspiring us to step into the world of babies, diapers and tantrums. Now while we're still trying to get a hang of motherhood, there you are...inspiring us for more :)

Anne Kurian said...

Hey Sree,
Absolutely loved your post. Took me back to September last year when most of us in the family had gathered together for the wedding of the last of first cousins in my dad's family. All that you described in your post was present at our home too. My cousins and I shared such a crazy bond when we were growing up despite the distances (many of us were in two different countries and got together during summer vacations.) And then I wonder if my daughter and her second cousins would ever have the same kind of fun we had!
It truly is upon us to ensure that our kids get to enjoy as much by providing them with opportunities to be with family.