May 26, 2010

Grass only looks's just the weeds growing

Greener, brighter, on the other of the fence always looks happier and heartier. It's a feeling most of us get and we follow it up with 'Wish I was there' and let out a deep sigh! Being happy with ourselves, our lives and our surroundings is so easier-said-than-done material. We are constantly trying wear others' shoes and walk their path, that we bruise our legs. It's not just the big things that matter. Finding joy and contentment and taking pride in our little things is also not easy, at times.
The fat want to lose weight, the thin want to add a few kilos/ the long-haired wants a short crop while the short-haired wants lovely long locks/ you get that pretty pink dress and then you suddenly want the sunshine yellow skirt you saw 'that' girl wearing/ the dark-skinned try all tricks to go lighter while the fair-skinned soak in the sun to get a tan/ you order pasta and soon find yourself slurping over the dish on your neighbour's table/ you decide to study Maths 'coz it's what the intelligent do but soon realise Arts is what the smart do/ you so want to grow up and once you're there you so so wish you were still a it goes on. This is the story of my life...and the lives so many of us.
Maybe we should just break down the fence and build a tall wall so that we don't see the other side. Life would be so much more fulfilling and we'd find joy in all the small and big things.


Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: If you break the fence down and build a wall, you get walled in. You don't get to know your options, you don't know what you could aspire for. Sometimes you do have to cross over to the other side to appreciate the worth of what you already have or what you have left behind.

Sree said...

@Littleredbook: I could never live within a wall anyways. It was just a 'thinking aloud' moment. I love to take in the sights around, peep into the interesting lives around...even if it leaves me wanting and wishing.
Couldn't agree more with you on the last bit. It's only when you cross over and move on do you often realise what you let go and left behind. By then you've walked too far and there's no way you could jump right back.
Forget the walls, the fence it is for me. I've always loved watching those countryside houses bordered with these pretty white fences. The closest I came to having my own was in Farmville!

Abhi said...

Another thoughtful write up. I believe until you learn to be comfortable with yourself /situation and realize how blessed you are and learn to enjoy the small things in life; will you only find true peace in life.

The Coffee Cup said...

Learning to value what you have is often the toughest part. We rarely know it until we've lost it. Many a times it takes a huge jolt to awaken us and make us smile and enjoy the little joys.