May 20, 2010

A few questions....

It seems to be hibernation time for all. Many of my blog friends are in hibernation, hardly making any notes in the past week or so. And so it has been with me too. It's been a while since my last post. My reasons: some work, a few days of travel, the exhaustion following it, long chats with old friends, heavy monsoon and a confused mind.

I am happy. I had long long conversations with my favourite friends. Different people, different lives, different countries, different backgrounds...but there was so much common in the conversations I had with each of them. It leaves me wondering, and thinking. A few random questions pop up in my mind. I am putting them down here. I'd be glad to know your take on each of them. Sounds weird? Well, I told you my blog was about the random nothings!

- What is unconditional love?
- A husband/wife or a companion or a dog. Who makes life fuller?
- Who do you live your life with: A person you would like to go to bed with or a person you'd like to wake up with?
- Be nice or be honest?
- Should the past be left behind, forever?
- Follow the heart or the head?

It would be great to hear what your mind has to say.


SunnySmile said...

Firstly Sree, do more posts like this one. It'll get survey-crazy people like me to write in. :)

1) Love is rarely unconditional, I feel. It can be unselfish and undemanding but the very state of being in love or loving presupposes the condition that your object of affection remains love-worthy, if only in your eyes.
2) This one's a very subjective question. In my case, my husband who is also my companion and one of my closest friends and soulmates. Because we have known each other so long and neatly fit into each other's grooves, life seems a whole lot emptier without him, even if it's a day's absence. Not to say that we don't fight; we have the most hateful rows... Let's just say that he completes me, and vice versa. :)
3) Thankfully, both are the same person in real life. Though I occasionally do fantasise about SRK and certain other drool-worthy film stars. Strangely, I've only every pictured them in the 'going to bed with' part, never the 'waking up'.
But seriously speaking, I'd rather live with the person I'd like to wake up with because sex is so rarely what happens between the sheets; it needs emotional and intellectual compatibility, too. At least for me!
4) Can we be nicely honest wherever possible? Sometimes being honest is an absolute necessity (esp if being otherwise means you are cheating someone else) but when it comes to hurting another's sentiments, I feel the honesty can be served up on a platter of niceties to ensure the message gets through.
5) The past is never a good place to dwell in; just pop in for a visit through memories or lessons learnt from an experience where you burned your fingers. Life is in the now, and your actions today determine your future.
6) My heart has always led me but of late, my decisions have been tempered by suggestions from the head. I think essentially the two don't have to be at loggerheads (no pun intended) and when they are, just take the decision that makes you happy. The biggie arises when there are others affected by your decision: in that case, the least painful path can be chosen though it won't be the ideal.
Then again, you live only once. You don't want to die with regrets. So the trick here is to look deep within yourself to get in touch with who you really are and what you want. The soul never lies. Warning: soul-searching can be a painful and ugly task, so be prepared; the answers may surprise you!

Journomuse said...

I would like to believe that I don't want to be given love on conditions or take it that way, but then that could be the reason why I'm still single...That I guess answers two questions in one go...

I read somewhere that you cannot love a person you can't laugh with, and I can't remember waking up laughing with anyone in a long long time..:)

And as for the past, I have dusted myself enough number of times and moved on, so I shed the bad memories and keep some good times to ensure I do not turn bitter with each disaster...It's the only way that seems to work for me..and it helps me keep my aura of invincibility with people whom I don't want to realise how much I bleed..:)


Primitive Lyric said...

1. The love a parent has for a child is unconditional. I know that no matter what my son does, I will always love him coz he is a part of me.
2. A companion! My husband is my companion and we have the most amazing conversations. That itself makes life interesting.
3. My husband is the person I go to (want to) bed with. He is the one I wake up to. Yaaay to that!
4. Nice. If honesty can hurt someone, it's better to just be nice.
5. Ideally! The past can cloud your present, and that's often not fair. So the past should be left behind. You're also a different person NOW, so it wouldn't be fair to judge you based on the past. So I guess everyone deserves that fair chance.
6. The heart, with guidance from the head.

Rohini said...

Sree, I agree entirely and wholeheartedly with SunnySmile.
But reg 2, sure a spouse or a companion can make life a whole lot better, but why wud u wanna depend on others to make ur life worthwhile?
Life isn't about somebody else making the world seem a better place; it's about u making the world a better place for yourself and others. (tho the others can take a backseat ;))

dinu said...

1.when a mother agree's to carry the baby knowing the pain and care needed for next 9 months,that is unconditional love.
2.wife...she can make you life full or otherwise the saying goes ..behind every successfull man there is a women.
3.certainly wake up as otherwise i will miss my morning coffee......
4.With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. from your heart when head says yes.

Sree said...

I enjoyed reading every bit of what you'll wrote. I agree with some, disagree with some and love some.
@Sunny Smile: Definitely the most detailed and explanatory one. Let's see which one of us gets SRK under the sheet first!!!
Maybe am a little too much into myself coz I feel I don't need another to complete me. I could find my own happiness. The closest I could get is to have a cute, licky, waggy dog.

@Journomuse: Bang on.. you can't love someone you can't laugh with. Still single...and I envy you for that!!!
I love to peep into the past at times. Smile at the good moments and shed a tear or 2 at the others. It's a stress-buster for me sometimes.

@Prim Lyric: I could be a nasty mom at times, but yes the guilt pang sets in soon enuf and back to being the doting, pampering mom.
Somehow my past, present n future is always inter-connected. Can never completely let go of any.

@Roh: Ditto my thoughts. We could be happy with ourselves, feel complete too.

@Dins: Try waking your wife up with a nice hot cuppa coffee for a change, my dear.