March 17, 2009

A joy forever

Expecting a baby....? Does the gender really matter. Not at all, most people would say. But deep down it surely does, for most of us. Most expectant parents (especially first timers) have a desire within hesitate to accept it. I am mother of a 6-month-old son. Many in my family (me too) secretly wished for a girl. And I must admit, for the first month or so the feeling did bug me. My reason was simple: girls have a wide choice of dresses and accessories. But suprisingly and very gladly, one fine day I woke up to adore my son with all my heart. The 'oh why not a girl' bug disappeared. How, I don't know. But am glad it did and now 5 months later, I can't stop feeling awful for ever having wished for more....
Sadly, some people insist on being stuck in the gender game. I still have people (friends and family) who try to warn or scare me about how terrible life is with a boy child. They, sometimes, make comments without a thought if it would upset us. 
For all those who do have a certain desire deep down, let me tell you: one look at their twinkling eyes and that wide-mouthed toothless smile, all you'll see is a 'bundle of joy', irrespective of whether it's a girl or boy.  To all the lil angels.....mmuuaaahhhh!!!! 

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