March 9, 2009

Sleep...a distant dream

Sleep and I share quite a love-hate relationship. During the day when I hate to sleep, i often feel sleepy. And at night, when I long to sleep, it ignores me. It's almost 1 a.m. and here I am chatting with myself in the blog. It's not b'coz I have promised myself to be regular with my blogging, it's only b'coz I just CANNOT sleep. And when I finally do managed to catch a bit of sleep, Ayush decides he has had his share of sleep. Oh I am missing out on the many dreams I enjoyed while I slept. And I hate to see my husband slide into sleep within minutes of hitting the bed. The lucky few... while I do everything from dish washing to room cleaning to reading to blogging to feel sleepy.. Yaawwwnnnn...where are you?

1 comment:

Sharath Kumar R said...

Ever tried the "counting the number of sheep that jumped the fence" trick ... Works like a charm for me!!!