March 31, 2009

Maid to order

I have just begun to realise how important it is to have a good "help" at home....and I have also realised that the perfect "help" is just a dream. When it was just the 2 of us, nothing mattered... Our weekly breakfast menu read: Maggi, Bread toast, dosa (wt the readymade batter available at shops).... Lunch meant rice, curd, pickles and maybe a sambar...and dinner was chapathi and one of my veg experiments. 
Now with Ayush around...everything has changed. He needs his hourly dose of feed which people insist should comprise variety and nutrition. The home has a lanudry bag meets playschool look with ashu's toys strewn all over and his clothes n accessories stacked all around. Amidst all this a baby who hates to sleep... Little wonder that I am so dependant on the "help". The one I had declared she was leaving, giving me just a day to digest the news. This is one job that demands no notice period, no formal procedures. 
The above paragraphs were written over a month ago. Never found the time or convenience to get back.. was busy training the new maid and coping with Ayush's latest achievements. I have managed to find a 'help' who is pleasant, good with kids, polite in her manners.... too good to be true ha. But she needs constant reminders when it comes to her daily chores like cooking n cleaning...but am not complaining.. Am comfortable and I've even begun to like her (a rarity usually). Fingers crossed that it's gonna be a long-lasting relationship. 

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