March 9, 2009

Where's the postman?

The web world is said to make things easier.. Look here, instead of maintaining a diary, buying new ones as each fill and getting pens to pen down your I just have to open my blog n pour out my heart, mind and soul. But try uploading pics and I often end up with the 'page loading error' message. In any case I still cherish 'real' albums to online ones. Every time my mom wants to see Ayush's snap (my 6-month-kiddo) , I need to log into the computer...which is quite irritating. Ah back to photo upload. With all attempts of sleeping having failed, I decided to while away time surfing the Internet. And also decided to update my son's snaps..... But all efforts were met with messages like "install missing plugin", "page loading error" and things I couldn't understand. A few attempts and I gave up. I'd rather take copies and post them (I mean the postman post) to family and friends. Sometimes it's best to return to old practices. Talking of which, how many of you know your postman by name or face? There was a time when postmen were part of friends' circle...they did a small chit-chat while dropping the letter. We were excited to see him too, coz we knew he's brought us messages from friends, family or that someone special. But today his messages are mostly bank statements, exhibition invites, LIC policy reminders, etc...

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SunnySmile said...

So true, about the postman. I used to even give him 'bakshish' for safely delivering all my love letters into my waiting hands only, as opposed to my guardian aunt's.
In Salalah, on the other hand, we had a post box at the post office. And we would tag along with my dad for the grand opening every weekend. All those letters popping out of the box was sheer pleasure and my parents, I am sure, would have been devastated each time it was empty. Thankfully, such times were few and far between.
However, what's our excuse now for not keeping up with friends? That they are not on e-mail?