March 9, 2009

Sorry, it's 11

Hmmm...I thought my days of deadlines and rules were over. Not yet, it seems. Am married and a mother now but the Big Brother (rather in this case, the Big Aunt/Unc) continues the watch. We live in an appartment and the decision-makers (read jobless, retired, senior citizens) here have come out with their latest 'dos and donts' manual. 
And the holy rule book says: We, the grown up residents of this building have to seek permission and sign registers if we leave from or return to the building after 11. The building has two faulty lifts, one's always non-functional and the other keeps getting stuck; and the place has no water (we wait with buckets at the bathroom taps). But the so-called responsible heads don't have the time or interest in resolving these issues. The more important concern is when the residents (particularly few people who have found permanent place in their black book) step out, with whom they step out and for what!!!
Next in line will be a dress code within the building premises. Don't be suprised if any of you, my friends, are put through a Q&A round and then stamped "Safe" before being let in. Talk about democracy and freedom.

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