March 11, 2009

Marry me, am jobless

That's exactly how matrimonials of girls should read, even in this time and age. Recently, Kavya, one of the popular actors of Malayalam films got married. The papers and TV channels covered everything from her wedding trousseau, to her hair and make-up, to sari, to jewellery and what not... As expected it was celebrated by the media (even The Hindu, suprisingly!). 
A week later I happened to read an interview of the newly weds, given on the day of their 3rd and final reception. When asked if she would continue in films, our big-eyed lady says "I can never completely detach myself from films.....". Soon her hubby dearest (who claims to have acted in a few films, and is otherwise working in the Gulf), reacts: "A wife has certain responsibilities towards her family [wonder what the hubby's role is]. To fulfill these duties, she would have to stay away from films..." and so he went on. Wonder if he would have said the same if she was an engineer or doctor.
It's disgusting to see people have no faith in their own life partners. And it's a shame these girls agree to spend their lives with such men. While the art of painting is appreictaed and the artist lauded, the art of film-making or acting is condemned (and strangely only when the artiste is a woman). Have you heard of any male actors who have quit films after marriage.... Grow up people!

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