March 15, 2009

Minding my mind

How does one tame one's mind? Is there come class or course or consultant who teaches you when to react and how, when to shut up and just smile and generally when to "behave". Not that I particularly care about what people think about me (something that had my mom worry since my school days), but at times it helps. 
I've never been the best of behaved... always criticised for keeping friends over family, constantly reminded of my 'everready-to-lose-temper', always given classes on how to keep a pleasant face when you're in the most uncomfortable of situations (read visits to random relatives' places, bugging questions from people etc...) and so it goes. 
Am done with school, college, turned to working lady, entered wedded life and now mommyhood and am still being taught. Which means, in 30 years I still haven't learnt how to live the way "other's want you to". A tough lesson to learn but I better get at least the basics right if I want a smiley shining on me.

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