June 22, 2009

Bad Day Blues

I woke up the other day and within minutes i said to myself "I've woken up to a bad day". Well...how does one know the day's gonna be a dampener..what classifies as a 'bad day'. I just felt so and guess the feeling just grows on you. Coz the minute by maid walked in, she looked at me and asked "Aren't you feeling well? You look unwell." Ah. see I told you it was a bad day. Then i was off for some emergency grocery shopping, bumped into my neighbour at the lift and she soon asked: "Hey what happened babe. You look so dull!". There you are.... it is indeed a bad day and my feeling's just growing stronger.
And so it was. Everything went wrong. Had an unannounced guest, my son was cranky, husband was not in his best of moods and there was me who was just waiting to be bugged. Whew!!!
Finally evening came and there as some excitement coz I was going for the Colonial Cousins programme. I was quite sure tats gonna be a disappointment too. No ways!!! It was an absolute rocker. Those guys-- Hariharan and Leslie-- their energy levels are just awesome, envious i shud say.
Two hours of fun, music and excitement was a relief. Back home the 'bad day blues' were back. Off i went to bed hoping the sun would rise to a brighter day the next morning.
But I still wonder what makes the 'bad day'. Well...good day to all!!!

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