June 5, 2009

Fear of the first

First impression is the best impression...is the common notion. I, however, feel the first impression or first interaction comes with a tinge of anxiety, consciousness, nervousness and expectation. It's not easy to be one's self...to be casual...to just be 'you'. There is the weight of 'what will he/she/they think of me', 'can i create the right impact', 'will my nervousness show'..etc... worries and these often dominate the meeting.
Am just beginning to wonder if I just went through the same. Did the nervousness take over the comfort level, did self-sconsciouness take over the casualness, did the anxiety take over the smoothness... Too late to change things anyways. If there was another 'first time' I would do it differently.
Some words left unsaid....some thoughts not shared....some opinions suppressed.... Will I get another chance?

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SunnySmile said...

Yeah, happens to me too. The pressure to make a good first impression is sometimes just too big...
But whenever I meet a person I mostly rely on my gut feeling at the first or maybe first few interactions... And often that's turned out to be right!