June 17, 2009

World Cup blues

A clean sweep for the Indian team (or Men in Blue) at the T20 World Cup. A 3-0 defeat and the first T20 World Champions are out. Am thrilled.... Some may call me a saddist, some may call me cruel...but am loving it. And the reactions have already started. Former players coming down heavily on Mr Lucky Man Dhoni, fans screaming foul, burning effigies of the captain and what not.
Well...what else would you expect from a country and people who went to another extreme in welcoming this very same team when they returned as champions last year. Almost the whole of Mumbai came to a halt, courtesy a procession taken out for the heroes (yeah rite they had just won a war for humanity's cause!). An open bus, decked up with flowers crawling through the roads that were suffocated by people screaming praises and raising placards hailing Dhoni and his boys.
Tipped as the favourites for this World Cup and the team that's best prepared for the WC, the boys in blue seemed to be affected by winning blues and out they came crashing losing all their games. Reasons are plenty, Dhoni's poor captaining, Sehwag's absence, Yuvraj being dropped down the order...and so the newspapers go on and on and on.
At least for a while the sports pages will have more to talk about that just cricket and cricketers will have other things to do than play the WC. Didn't we see the out-of-action Sreesanth walking the green carpet at IIFA!

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