June 11, 2009

Press the panic button

'Procrastination is the thief of time': so i was taught in my primary class. I have even spoke on this during our school assembly, representing my house (Blue Diamond). But in all these years I haven't been able to practise it. Till date I can't resist the temptation of postponing things and finally completing it in a mad rush just in the nick of time. Somehow I convince myself that my best comes out in times of hurry. I tell myself that ideas pour in when time runs out. And somehow I have managed to escape without much errors or complaints, so far. Would I have been able to do a better job if I had given it a little more time or thought? Well, I wouldn't know coz I have never given myself a chance to know.
Today, or should I say tonite (it's already past 9 p.m) is yet another time when I have pushed things so late that now am in that 'oh-so-familiar-state-of-panic'. This time, I am not certain if i will get away with it, though I'll try my best. My son's not keeping too well, he's at his crankiest worst and I don't get more than 15 mts at a stretch in front of the comp. My husband's out of town, my parents are here....and the house, in general, is in an absolute mess. And I am running late on my deadline. Wow!!! Am I thrilled or what!
Even in the midst of all this, I have the nerve to spend time sharing my thoughts or rather my irresponsibilities on my blog. I have played a stupid game called 'Pathwords' at least 25 times today, trying to beat my friends. And I have still managed to come only 3rd....guess I still have to travel a while on the path of words.
Hoping once again that this would be the last time I prolong or delay things for my own fancy. Time...here I am come...wait for me.

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