June 26, 2009

No retakes...

When you write if you make a mistake, you erase it and rewrite. It's not so simple in life, though. When you've made a wrong decision, a wrong move, it ain't easy to erase it. Most often, it stays with you for life. At best you can try to better the situation.
Sometimes, some poeple change...and how. You are amazed at how drastically their character has changed and you begin to wonder if he/she's the same person you knew. Days when you could freely share your dreams, your likes, your wants will be a forgotten time. Today...is a different story. Thoughts and dreams run like parallel tracks...each in its own route. It hurts, it's depressing but hard to alter.
Where do you run for solace, where do you find a hand to hold, where do you look for a shoulder to lean? Life....you're one bloody game!

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